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2. Schedule -> Cycle Count Scheduler
3. Generating Count Requests Tools -> generate count requests.
4. Print Cycle Count Listing
5. Enter Cycle Counts

If the schedule is Daily, the scheduler needs to be riun daily.

In order for Inventory to perform automatic scheduling you must:

Set the Cycle Count Enabled item attribute to Yes for the items
you want to include in the cycle count.
Enable automatic scheduling when you define your cycle count.
Request the schedule using the Generate Automatic Schedule
Requests window.
Each time the auto scheduler runs, it schedules counts only for the
schedule interval you defined for the cycle count header.
If schedule interval is weeks, Inventory schedules all items that need to
be counted on all of the workdays in the current week.
If shedule interval is days, then Inventory only schedules those items
that are due for counting on the current date.
To generate automatic schedules:
1) Navigate to Cycle Counts Summary folder window or the Cycle
Counts window.
2) Select a cycle count and choose Cycle Count Scheduler from the
Tools menu. The Cycle Count Scheduler Parameters window appears.
3) Indicate whether to include items belonging to the control group in
the list of items for which to generate schedule requests.
4) Choose OK to submit the request to the concurrent manager.

To manually schedule cycle count requests:

1) Navigate to the Manual Schedule Requests window or choose the
Schedule button on the Cycle Counts Summary folder window.
2) Enter the cycle count name you are scheduling.
3) Select the item or location (subinventory) for counting.
You can manually schedule specific items by entering values in
different combinations of the item, revision, lot, serial number,
subinventory, and locator fields.
If you do not enter an item, you must enter a subinventory.
Inventory schedules a count of all items stocked in this
subinventory. If you enter an item and a subinventory, Inventory
schedules the item to be counted only in this subinventory.
Enter the date on which Inventory is to schedule the count you
have specified. The date you enter cannot be before today s date
and must be a valid workday as defined by the workday calendar
for your cycle count.
5) Indicate whether to generate count requests for this item, revision,
lot, serial number, subinventory, or locator combination even if the
system on hand quantity is zero. This may be useful in performing
exception based counting to verify that the actual on hand
quantity is indeed zero.
6) Save your work.