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1880 E Rochelle Ave

Las Vegas, NV
24th January 2019

Dear Mr. Rodriguez,

Hello Mr.! I hope you’re doing great and enjoying your career as a teacher. You

might not remember me as much, since I was your student for only a couple of months

and then transferred. I was the student that transferred from Mexico and had to be in

the 10th grade due to different amount of credits when arriving. I decided to write my

letter on my educational hero to you because the little time I was there I felt comfortable

in your classroom and you were a very caring teacher.

After leaving Los Angeles, I moved to Las Vegas and luckily was able to graduate

with my original class, which is class of 2017. I am currently a college student at CSN

and on my fourth semester. Back in sophomore year, I had other things on my mind and

did not really think about what I wanted to study. These past months I have been

re-evaluating myself and what I want out of life. I have come to the decision that I

wanna pursue my dream of becoming an elementary teacher. I am so excited to also

have the opportunity of going into an actual classroom lesson and be able to view

everything and how things are done. I will also be able to have feedback from the

teacher who’s classroom I will be in and interview them too! This semester will make me
realize what my other semesters have been missing, which is passion to learn and love

for the subject.

Mr. Rodriguez, you have positively impacted my decision in career choice and why

I enjoy the idea of me becoming a teacher. Upon arriving, I felt out of place due to the

social barrier and the cliques that were already formed; I felt really alone and nervous a

lot. Thanks to you, I felt like I was not the only one who was also struggled with certain

family problems and other issues. Having to move around all the time, not having the

same privileges as other students, social anxiety and so much more things. Both of us

came from Mexican families and it made me feel more connected to you as my teacher,

since we had a lot in common from when you also attended High School. Although it

was a little time I spent in your classroom, I truly enjoyed and was thankful for having

your class at the end of each day. On my last day of school, I still remember saying

good-bye and how it made us both get teary-eyed. You told me to never stop believing

in myself and that my family background does not determine my success and value. It

was an emotional moment and I felt sad but also happy I came upon a teacher that

showed honesty and care for all his students no matter where they came from.

My goal is to be able to become as good of a teacher as you were to me and be

able to help students that come from all types of backgrounds. Being your student was

a life-experience I will look back to years later and remember why I chose to become a

teacher. Teachers like you inspire and push students to fulfill their dreams and be
strong. Thank you Mr. Rodriguez for your kind words and for being my History teacher

during my Sophomore year.


Pamela Becerra