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Guadalupe Reyna Reyna 1

25 September 2018
Problem Solving Graphic Organizer

The title of my first interdisciplinary project was about human immunodeficiency virus,

HIV. My group members and I completed this IDP together as a group in school and also spend

some of our own time working on it independently outside of school. We completed this

interdisciplinary project in December 2015. In this interdisciplinary project, we were assigned to

provide information about HIV. We had to complete a powerpoint about the topic that included,

what it is, the symptoms, side effects, treatment, and places you can go if you need support or if

you need help. This presentation educated, informed, and clarified our audience about HIV. The

power point we provided had all that information and could also answer any question that

somebody has based on this virus.

During my Freshman year, I was put in a group of students and given the task of

searching Depression. My group and I also completed this assignment together as a team in

school. We also got together outside of school and whatever was not finished, we completed the

work individually at our home in March 2016. In this assignment we were asked to provide

information about depression and inform people about the symptoms, side effects, statistics,

treatment, and what it is. This IDP helps with problem solving because the presentation we did,

helped with providing information about depression and informing the people about what it is

and how to identify it in a person and how to treat it. We gave information on how it can be

Reyna 2
found in a person and how to treat and cure this disorder. This was an important topic because

Depression can be seen and is very common between the ages 15 and 44. Depression is a serious

mental disorder and everybody should know it’s risk factors, ways to prevent, and ways to cure


In both assignments, I was a willing collaborator, effective communicator, and critical

thinker. We were willing collaborators because we helped each other by asking each other

questions and if we needed help in anything. More, so although each were responsible for a

specific component of the IDP, we were still holding each other accountable by supporting one

another. We worked together as a team to find the best information to help us educate our

audience about Depression. We work together as a team to be able to complete this project

successfully. I was also an effective communicator by presenting this power point with my group

in front of professionals and by providing them with useful information. We also answered any

question the panelist had. As a critical thinker, I used a variety of different skills, for example,

observation, evaluation, explanation, problem solving, analysis, reflecting, and decision making.

I was also a critical thinker by seeking information about the topic, Depression. We gave our best

to make this a good, useful, helpful, reliable, presentation.

By successfully completing these inter- disciplinary projects, I became more comfortable

with presenting in front of people.this fits in the category problem solving because we figured

out a way to inform people about problem that are going on around our community and ways

they can solve and prevent them. My speaking authoritatively skills as well as time management

Reyna 3
skills improved. I also built confidence and connect more with the audience. My presentation

skills is one of the things that I did improve on . One thing I do need to improve on is elaborating

more when I speak For example, when I am talking about something, I have to give more

examples and details of what I am referring too. My academic skills improved by gathering more

information and learning more about specific topics I didn’t really know much about before.

Overall, I do believe that interdisciplinary projects not only help you improve skills like time

management, presentation, speaking, academic skills, , but you also helps you learn and Develop

new skills.