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Student Writing Reflection Sheet

Name: Mikaela Bracamonte Period: 3 Date: 01/10/19

Class: Senior English Teacher: Ms. Figuerora

Assignment Title: Quarter 1 End of Unit

Student Writing Goal: My writing goal is to be able to improve in everything. Such as my ability to expand my
vocabulary using bigger and stronger words then I normally use. Also, to manage to stay on topic in my writings. Then
to also turn them in on time rather than a few days late, or weeks late.

1) Re-read the paper (and teacher feedback).
2) Complete this reflection sheet.
What was the purpose of this writing assignment?
The purpose of this argument was to express the social issue in an argumentative essay. Also providing
thoughts on the opposite thoughts of what I find as a major issue in society. Stating many articles that agree
with your mindset of the issue, and what are the leading causes. Then trying to com[pare both mindsets of the
topic as to how you may understand why one will argue or disagree with what issue there may be.

How did you perform in relation to the expectations of the writing rubric?
I would like to say I preformed alright in relation with this topic. I tried my best to stay on topic and not
provide my opinion which was kind of hard. One thing that I didn’t reach with expectations from the rubric
was turning it on time. I turned this essay in more than a week late which is horrible. However, I did manage
to correct all my imperfections on this essay which made me realize I did pretty good on staying on task. At
times that can be hard for me since I can always get side tracked in what I am writing.

What aspect of this piece did you do well? (give example/quotes to support claims)
I believe I did well in following the rubric I managed to write the essay in the format the writing guide had
stated. Also I supported all my arguments and counter arguments. I had shown all my works cited and quoted
each article correctly.

Why have you/haven’t you chosen to revise this writing assignment?

I have chosen to revise this essay due to, my lack of effort in this essay. I did not manage to turn it in on time.
I had slacked in this essay specifically for more than 2 months, which isn't good. I believe I had gotten really
lazy due to it being a larger essay then I am normally used to. I had zero motive in completing this essay, but
then later one I realized I have to complete it even though id rather not. I had not put my 100% and got a bad
grade on it.

What will you do better in your next writing assignment, and how will I do it?
in my next writing assignment, I will manage to turn it in one time. Also put my 100% as to what I am writing
about. While I manage to expand my vocabulary and stay on topic. My biggest issue is my laziness, but I
believe if I really try, I can manage to complete my essays without to many errors and not have to deal with
worrying about not completing it in the future.

To what degree of success did you achieve your previously stated goal(s)?
I did not reach my goals at all, not even bit. Due to me not caring about completing this essay I had made me
want to get if over with quickly. I did manage to turn it in before the deadline for makeup work. However not
a single goal was reached in this essay. Actually, I did accomplish one thing, I kinda did stay on topic in what
I believed was right and wrong about my topic, but that was about it

3) Revise the paper accordingly and highlight any changes.

4) Submit the revision and this reflection sheet.