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SUBJECT Research in Daily Life I

CONTENT Nature of Inquiry and Research
Qualitative Research
CONTENT STANDARDS The learner demonstrates understanding of:
1. the importance of research in daily life
2. the characteristics, processes, and ethics of research
3. quantitative and qualitative research
4. the kinds of research across fields
5. The Value of Qualitative Research: Its Kinds, Characteristics, Uses, Strengths, and
Weaknesses; and
6. the Importance of Qualitative Research Across Fields of Inquiry
PERFORMANCE STANDARDS The learners are able to:
1. use appropriate kinds of research in making decisions.
2. decide on suitable qualitative research on different areas of interest
OUTCOMES 1. shares research experiences and knowledge
2. explains the importance of research in daily life
3. describes characteristics, processes, and ethics of research
4. differentiates quantitative from qualitative research
5. provide examples of research in areas of interest (arts, humanities, sports, science,
business, agriculture and fisheries, information and communication technology, and social
6. describes characteristics, strengths, weaknesses, and kinds of qualitative research
7. illustrates the importance of qualitative research across fields
DATE & TIME ALLOTMENT Week 1 (4 hours)

Materials Syllabus, Research skills assessment, Video, Powerpoint presentation, Edmodo

Resources Yin, Robert K. (2011). Qualitative Research from Start to Finish. A Division of Guilford Publications, Inc.

Dawson, C. (2002). Practical Research Methods: A User-Friendly Guide to Mastering Research Techniques and
Projects. 1st Edition. How to Books.

A Social Experiment

Why Research is Important


Reflective Discussion article:

Facebook's fake news problem: What's its responsibility?

Bottle Bank Arcade


World’s Deepest Bin


Piano stairs

LEARNING ACTIVITIES/Instructional Strategies Marginal Notes/ Teacher’s Tip

Day 1
1. Routines
1.1. Self- introduction by teacher and students & expectation setting Introduction by students with focus on
1.2. Discussion of the syllabus, course requirements and house rules interests and research or paper writing
2. Introduction/Motivation/Review
2.1. Activity: 2 Truths & 1 Lie (introduction to Inquiry)

3. Instructional Strategies
3.1. Lecture- discussion
3.2. Hands- on learning/ Modeling: Lateral Thinking Puzzle
3.3. Self- audit of Research Skills
4. Reinforcement/Enrichment
4.1. Video: Why Research is Important
5. Assessments/Evaluation/Rubrics Worksheet 1: Generating a Research
Question based on Personal Interests
Day 2
1. Routines
1.1. Question of the Day
1.2. Class Reflective Discussion
2. Introduction/Motivation/Review
2.1. Review of Importance of Research in Daily Life Activity 1: Fact & Opinion: Switch It Up!

3. Instructional Strategies
3.1. Lecture- discussion
-Qualitative Research: Broad Area of Inquiry
- Five Features of Qualitative Research
- Illustrative Variations in Qualitative Research (p.17)
-The Research Problem
3.2. Reflection/ Response 1. View the YouTube clips entitled Bottle
Bank Arcade, World’s Deepest Bin and
Piano Stairs. Discuss the relevance of these
clips to students undertaking their research

4. Reinforcement/Enrichment Worksheet 2: Narrowing a Topic Using a

4.1. Narrowing a Topic Using a General to Specific Triangle General to Specific Triangle

5. Assessments/Evaluation/Rubrics Worksheet 3: What’s My Angle? Generating

Topics and Research Question

Prepared by:

Ms. Jessica Jaye S. Ranieses Date

SHS Teacher

Approved by:

Mr. Jeffrey Juane Date Mrs. Divina Amor De Castro Date

HS Coordinator Principal