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p Report

Summer Internship 2010

University of
Management &
Technology- SBE



All the praise for ALMIGHTYALLAH, the creator of this
universe who guides us to overcome the difficulties in crucial
situation and all respects are for his HOLY PROPHET
MOHAMMED (P.B.U.H), who enables us to recognize our
creator and understand the philosophy of life.

Beyond of all the material available, I am very thankful to

Sayyed Hussain Zulifqar (Asst. Manager Allama Iqbal
town Branch) and cash Officer Umar Saeed khan who
give me appropriate knowledge about ‘‘ASKARI BANK’’.
And through his Friendly & motivational behavior I was able
to complete my internship. And I am thankful to the
employees of Askari Bank Limited, during the study period
and preparation of this report.

Secondly I acknowledge the inspiring guidance, encouraging

attitude, valuable comments and technical guidance,
received from my respective Teachers of University of
Management & Technology.


In the name of Allah who Is most merciful and

beneficial. Allah give us many abilities with
these I would be able to complete this report.
This is the internship report of Askari Bank Ltd.
In it the detail is given of the work I have been
done at Bank during internship Period.


I dedicate this report to my parents and friends

in recognition of their worth and to my teachers
who are the guiding force for me and it is their
effort and hard work that showed me the path
of success and prosperity which would be there
for me for the rest of my life

Table of Content

Executive Summary ……………………………………………………. 08

Body of report …………………………………………………….. 09

Chapter Number 1
Introduction of the Business …………………………………………….11
Company Products and Services ………………………………………..13
Company Services ………………………………………………… --
Company Products …………………………………………………14
Company Profile …………………………………………………18
Objective of the company ………………………………………………19

Chapter Number 2
Organogram of Business ………………………………………………..21
Branch hierarchy ………………………………………………………22
Corporate information of Business ……………………………………..23

Chapter Number 3
Department of the Business ………………………………………….…26
Learning Experience ……………………………………………….….27
Week First Experience ……………………………………………….. . 27
Week Second Experience …………………………………………….. 32
Week Third Experience …………………………………………… . .35
Week Fourth Experience ……………………………………………. 36
Week Five Experience …………………………………………… .38
Week Six Experience ……………………………………………..…39
Feed back of Internship ……………………………………………. 40

Chapter Number 4

Conclusion ……………………………………………………… ….43
Recommendations ……………… ……………………………… …..44
References\Bibliography ………………………………………… … 45

Executive Summary
This report is based on Askari bank business shows how bank’s Departments works to

facilitate the customers. This report highlights the whole business process of Askari Bank

and the functions of different departments.

I had completed my internship in the Askari Bank Main Bloveard Allama Iqbal Town

Branch. I worked at various department of the bank. Such as In accounts opening

department, accounts department, cash department and did some work at clearing and

remittances department. The working environment at Bank was good. The staff was very


I spent most of my time during internship in account opening department, and Cash

department where I interact with people and know how to deal with customer. I get to

know about the working and procedure of the account opening. I also stamped all the

documents of account opening form i dispatch the account opening form in a file.

With this internship I enhance my intellectual skills. I deal with customer and help those

customers, who are confused or illiterate, help them in such a way by filling credit or

debit slips. In cash department I sort out the cash and count the cash. In accounts

department I had filling different reports. I also check the daily activity such as online,

customer and GL. In clearing department I clear the cheques having supervised, I stamped

the cheques. Maintaining good relationship with the customer has polished my

interpersonal skills. I used to maintain the record of each cheques book and ATM issued

both on the registered. I also used to place the document on their proper file.

Body of Report

The whole report is Comprises on four chapters

the chapters based on the brief Introduction of
Askari bank when the Askari bank Ltd. has
started there business’s talk about the whole
Services they are providing to customers.
Explore the banking Sector of Pakistan. I have
written down the Services which this bank is
dealing. Explore all the Department of the bank
and also discuss the Organ gram.
This Report also includes my learning
experiences which I have got by spending Six
weeks in the bank’s environment.

Chapter # 01
(Introduction of the business)


ASKARI BANK is the leading private sector bank in Pakistan, delivering quality service
through innovative technology. Askari bank has “The Best Retail Banking Award 2008”
by Pakistan Guarantee Export Corporation Ltd.

Askari Bank Ltd (formerly Askari Commercial Bank) was incorporated in Pakistan on
October 9, 1991, as a Public Limited Company. It started its operations during April 1,
1992. The bank principally deals with mainly banking, as defined in the Banking
Companies Ordinance, 1962. The Bank is listed on the Karachi, Lahore & Islamabad
Stock Exchanges and its shares are currently the highest quoted from among the new
private sector banks in Pakistan.

Askari Bank has expanded into a nation wide presence of 209 branches, and an offshore
banking Unit in Bahrain. A shared network of over 1,100 online ATMs covering all major
cities in Pakistan supports the delivery channels for customer service. As on December
31, 2005, the bank had equity of PKR 8.6 billion and total assets of PKR 145.1 billion,
with over 600,000 banking customers, serviced by our 2,754 employees.

In the success story of ASKARI BANK, one of the most important factors, apart from its
dynamic management and prudent approach, is the QUALITY of its SERVICES, which
gives it a great edge over its competitors. ASKARI BANK has always strived to facilitate
its customers by introducing various high quality hi-tech services for the first time in

We are proud of our pioneering role in providing the most modern and technologically
advanced services to our customers. Knowing our customers and their needs is the key to
our business success. Our products and services are as diverse as our market segments.
Technology has played a pivotal role in meeting customer expectations, particularly with
respect to the speed and quality of services.

We have fully automated transaction-processing systems for back-office support. Our
branch network is connected on-line real-time and our customers have access to off-site
as well as on-site ATMs, all over Pakistan. This includes not just establishing and
maintaining technology infrastructure for providing operational support to all units of the
Bank, but also encompasses introducing latest state-of-the-art technology-driven
products and service delivery systems, such as ATM networking, Internet Banking,
Mobile ATM, Credit Cards, Debit Card, Prepaid Card, utility bills payment through
ATMs & Internet which have brought about cost-effectiveness, timesaving and safety.

Askari bank has also achieved another milestone with the launch of Askari Bank Zari
Credit Card. This is the first ever credit card offered to the farmers in Pakistan with
complete product features and service benefits. It aims to meet farmer’s production and
development needs and to supplement cash flows, whenever required.

It is also a matter of satisfaction that ASKARI BANK has been the first bank to
introduce PTCL and WAPDA utility bills payment electronically through ATM and
Internet on an Online-Real-Time Basis. For the first time in Pakistan, we have
introduced Mobile ATMs to provide banking facilities at the doorsteps of our customers.
Askari bank’s mobile ATMs first in the banking history of Pakistan, now four in number,
continue to serve customer needs.

Our Phone Banking and Internet Banking Facility allows our customers, to access their
accounts from anywhere in the world, and effect transactions.Bank has established its
Data Warehouse and Customer Care Centre, a dedicated customer call center to
provide one window service to our valued customers in terms of their telephonic enquires.

Askari bank is first Pakistani bank to offer on-line real-time banking on a country-wide
basis. It is first Pakistani bank with nation-wide network of ATMs.It is first bank in
Pakistan, foreign or local, to introduce Internet banking in the country. First time ever this
bank introduces Mobile ATM in Pakistan.

Askari bank remains focused on using technology for improving customer service
standards and expanding the range of products being offered and other technology based

Company Products and services

The products and services of Askari Bank limited are developed keeping in view the
customers needs & wants & the expectation that the customer attaches with its financial
institutions An Askari bank product includes all those services which customer normally
required for effectively managing his business

• Services Provided by Askari Bank

Askari bank offers the following financial services to its customers

One of the basic functions of commercial banking is to receive deposits. Askari bank
accepts deposits in both local & foreign currency


 Current Account
 PLS Saving Account
 Term Deposit
 Notice Deposit
 Askari Special Deposit Account
 Value Plus Saving Account


Advances are major sources of earning of income for commercial banks. Banks attracts
surplus balances from the customers at low interest rates & makes advances at higher
interest rates to the individuals or business firms.

Askari bank offers these facilities in two forms:

 Funded facilities
 Non- Funded facilities

In funded facilities the bank, actually advance money against further repayment. These
facilities are known as cash credits.


Non- Funded facilities are those in which bank substitutes its own credit for its customers.
Askari bank offers to its customers are large number of non-funded facilities.
These facilities include:
 Guarantee
 Latter of credit

• Product lines of Askari Bank

There are the complete range of products which Askari bank provide to there customers

Askari (Auto Loans)

According to the need and ever changing demands of customers Askari bank has
introduce the Auto loans Services to there customers to meet there desires. The tenor of
these loans is based on the amount that customer wants

Askari i-Net Banking (Internet Banking solutions)

Askari bank offer banking through internet. Askari Bank is the first bank in Pakistan to
provide such service to its valued customers which is absolutely free.

Funds transfer Statement of accounts

Balance enquiry free payment of utility bills

Payment of school fee Change of password

Askari MasterCard

It has always been our endeavour to introduce products and services tailor made to the
requirements of our valued customers. Now you can pay your Utility Bills through:

 ASKCARD (Askari Debit Card),

 Askari bank's ATMs National wide
 Internet Banking Services

Askari Cash Management Services

Askari Cash Management Services, aimed to effectively manage the accounts receivable
portfolio of medium and large corporate entities. While this service helps the corporate
entities to improve their liquidity, due to our well diversified branch network. The service
primarily aims at providing clearing, collection and cash transfer facility to corporate,
under one resource center, which will handle the process through the branches and
provide adequate reporting to the corporate clients, on various aspects of their accounts
receivable portfolio, every month

Askari Travelers Cheques

Askari Bank Limited has always remained at forefront in introducing innovative and
unique products in banking sector. Our financial instruments provide greater financial
freedom and security in an unmatched way to our valued customers. Askari Bank offers
you its "Rupee Traveller Cheques" eliminating all financial risks while traveling. So avoid
risk of carrying cash through Askari Bank's Rupee Traveler Cheques.

ASKCARD (Debit Card)

Askari Bank is committed to provide you innovative and competitive solutions to your
banking needs in a more efficient and personalized manner. Your Bank enjoys a strategic
competitive advantage over all domestic players by virtue of its leadership, large network
and technological advancement. In line with our tradition of innovation, Askari Bank
takes pride in announcing launch of Askari Bank's Debit Card

Askari Bank’s (Home Loans)

Askari Bank has made the realization of your dream to have a house of your very own
possible. Whether you plan to build a house, tailor made to your requirements or buy a
constructed house, Askari mortgage finance enables you to pursue your goal without any
problems. Owning a home for oneself still remains an exclusive dream for many. Askari
Bank has made the realization of your dream to have a house of your very own possible.
Whether you plan to build a house, tailor made to your requirements or buy a constructed
house, Askari mortgage finance enables you to pursue your goal without any problems.

Askari Bank’s Personal Finance (Loans Scheme)

Askari Bank’s Personal Finance makes sure that you get the most out of your loan. No
matter what your need is, Askari Bank has more ways to serve you than ever before. With
unmatched financing features in terms of loan amount, payback period and most
affordable monthly installments
Smart Cash (Running Finance Facility for Consumers)
Askari Bank's Investment Certificates not only provide the added security, investment and
monthly return to the customers. These certificates are negotiable and can be transferred
to third party. Investment Certificates can be issued for a period of 3 months and profit is
payable on monthly basis through pre-printed tear-off coupon.

Askari Kissan (Agriculture Finance Programmer)

The role of agriculture in Pakistan economy is of pivotal nature. Due to diverse

geographical and climatic conditions the country has tremendous potential for growth and
development in agriculture. However, adequate and timely financial assistance to the
farmers will improve production potential of agriculture sector in the country. The
modern concept of agricultural credit envisages establishment of an efficient institutional
credit system to serve as a package of credit, supplies and knowledge for the overall
strength of the farmers who at present suffer from low productivity and financial
insecurity. A successful credit evaluation system, therefore, should have the basic
ingredients to provide adequate amount at the right time and in the right form to help
farmers in making a productive use of loan funds.

Company Profile

The Vision

To be the Bank of first Choice in the Region


To be the leading private sector bank in Pakistan with an international presence,

delivering quality service through innovative technology and effective human resource
management in a modern and progressive organizational culture of meritocracy,
maintaining high ethical and professional standards, while providing enhanced value to all
our stake-holders, and contributing to society.

Core Values

The intrinsic values, which are the corner-stones of our corporate behavior, are

 Integrity
 Fairness
 Teamwork
 Service.

Corporate Philosophy

From knowing our customers requirements to understanding employee needs, from

utilizing modern technology to making responsible social contributions, from enhancing
stake-holders value to practicing corporate ethics. We are continuously and consistently
striving to address newer challenges with a single motivation:

“The power to inspire and be inspired”

Objective in this Organization
Following are the main objectives of Askari Bank Limited are: -

 To be the leading private sector bank in Pakistan with an international presence,

delivering quality service through innovative technology and effective human

resource management in a modern and progressive organizational culture of

meritocracy, maintaining high ethical and professional standards, while providing

enhanced value to all our stake-holders, and contributing to society.

 To achieve sustained growth and profitability in all areas of business.

 To build and sustain a high performance culture, with a continuous improvement


 To develop a customer-service oriented culture with special emphasis on customer

care and convenience.

 To build an enabling environment, where employees are motivated to contribute to

their full potential.

 To effectively manage and mitigate all kinds of risks inherent in the banking


 To maximize use of technology to ensure cost-effective operations, efficient

management information system, enhanced delivery capability and high service


 To manage the Bank's portfolio of businesses to achieve strong and sustainable

shareholder returns and to continuously build shareholder value. and To deliver

timely solutions that best meets the customers’ financial needs.

Chapter # 02
(Corporate information & organgram)

Organogram of Business


Com mittee

President and

Vice President

C om m ercial & Regional Corporate

R etail B anking Business Chief Investment
C h ie f Regional Regional Brach Banking Chief
Marketing Chief Manager
Operation Group
Regions operational
Corporate Head
north &
Corporate Head

Regional Regional operation Branch operation Special

Compliance Chief Department Manager Managing Chief

Regional Risk
Managing Chief HRM Group
Risk Manager Chief
Group Chief

Credit Department Brach Credit

Of region Officer
Regional GM
Audit HRM
Inspection Area Audit Chief

Hierarchy of branch



Asst. managing

Credit Officer

Officer Grade
1 &2

Clerical Staff Non-Clerical

Cashier Typist & Staff
Clerks Assistant Guards &

Corporate Information

Board of Directors

Lt. Gen. Waseem Ahmed Ashraf Chairman

Lt. Gen. (R) Masood Perwaiz Chairman Executive committee

Mr. Kalim-ur-Rehman President & Chief Executive

Brig (R) Mohammad Shiraz Baig Director

Brig (R) Muhammad Bashir Baz Director

Brig (R) Asmat Ullah Khan Niazi Director

Brig (R) Mohammad Safdar Ali Director

Mr. Javed Ahmad Noel Director

Mr. Zafar Alam Khan Sumbal Director/Secretary

Mr. Shahid Hafeez Azmi Director

Mr. Mohammad Afzal Munif, Director

Mr. Tariq Iqbal Khan, FCA Director

Audit Committee

Mr. Muhammad Afzal Munif, FCA Chairman

Brig (R) Muhammad Shiraz Baig Member
Brig (R) Asmat Ullah Khan Niazi Member
Mr. Zafar Alam Khan Sumbal Secretary

A.F.Ferguson & Co. Chartered Accountants

Legal Advisors

Rizvi, Isa, Afridi & Angell

Number of employees

Permanent 4,834
Temporary / on contractual basis 1,273
Commission based 789
Bank's own staff strength at the end of the year 5,896
Outsourced 912
Total staff strength at the end of the year 7,808

Chapter # 03
(Internship Experience & business Department)

Departments of Business
Internship is an integral part of professional Degrees. Main purpose of internship is to
have a practical experience. It provides a student to get a practical experience and give
inner view of the organization selected. During this internship, a student comes to
practical knowledge so, in this Bank I get practical exposure and to get familiarized with
the ways to live in the organizational environment which is dramatically different from
the educational environment. The whole exposure of internship is written below.

I have work in Askari bank Allama Iqbal Town Branch from (July 16th 2010 To August

31th 2010) as an interne the practical experience which I have got from these departments
is written below.

Major Department
 Account Opening department

 Remittance Department

 Record Department

 Cash & Clearing Department

 Foreign Trade Department

 Credit Department

 Credit Card Department (ATM)

 Locker Services department

 IT Department

Learning \ Internship Experience

In this section of report I have described all the learning experience which I have gained
by working in the practical business environment.

In my first week in Askari Commercial Bank, Bank Management assigned me work in

Account Opening Department. Mr. Rizwan was the person who deals in the account
opening department. In this Branch. He told me about different accounts their names and
their codes and tells.
How to open the account?

Week # 1 Experience

Account Opening Department

In Acccount opening department I had learn a lot. Before doing internship I don’t have a
idea how to open a account in the bank.Even I was not awear about the departments of the
bank aswell.Anyhow the learning which I have got in Account opening Department
writen below.
The main thing I have learned via obervational learning was how to maintaining good
relationship with the customer has enhance my interpersonal skills and resolving
customer’s Problems give them a feeling that the company employees care for them. On
the other hand the thing which I personally observed in government banking sector the
customers are not treated as followed.
Askari Commercial bank offers these accounts for there customers.

There are several types of accounts such as:

 Individual/ Joint Account

 Sole Propreitorship/ Partnership/ Joint Stock

 BBA(Basic Banking Account)

Types of accounts offered by Bank

Idivdual/ Joint Account
In it they may open the following accounts
• Current Account ( Can be opened at rupess 5000-/ only.)
• Saving Account ( Can be opened at rupess 10000-/ only.)
• ASDA(Askari Special Deposit Account) (Can be opened at rupess 5000-/ only.)
Current Account is used by the Small businessmen and the students genrally this account
has a low interest rate on the Deposit.
Document required for opening the account are
o Original ID
o Letter Head (in case of businessman)
o In case of illetreate person photograoh of the person.

Sole Propreitorship/ Partnership/ Joint Stock

In it they may open the following accounts
• Current
• Saving
• ASDA(Askari Special Deposit Account)
Document required for opening the account are

For Sole Propreitorship

o Copy of NIC (see original NIC)

o Letter Head of business

For Partnership
 Copy of NIC (see original NIC)
 Attested copy of “Partnership Deed” duly signed by all partners of
the firm.
 Attested copy of Registration Certificate with Registrar of Firms. In
case the partnership is unregistered, this fact should be clearly
mentioned on the Account Opening form.
 Authority letter, in original, in favor of the person authorized to
operate on the account of the firm.
 Copy of registration certificate( if registered)
 Company Letter Head
 Two references
For Joint Stock
Certified copies of:
 Resolution of Board of Directors for opening of account specifying
the person(s) authorized to operate the company account.
 Memorandum and Article of Association
 Certificate of Incorporation.
 Certificate of Commencement of Business.
 Copy of NIC (see original NIC)

BBA(Basic Banking Account)

This account is open by salary persons and also for students. For opening the account
folloing documents are required:
 Copy of NIC (see original NIC)
 Salary Letter or bonafide letter for students
 Initial deposit Rs.1000
Minor Account

A person who don’t have ID card or a person whos age is below than 18 he can open
Minoe Account He have to Submitt Fourm B to oprn a accouint.

Futher Instructions For Opreating Account:

1. The customer will get the cheque book when he/she will receive the
letter of thanks from Bank.
2. For ATM facility the coustomer will fill the ATM request form.
3. The customer will also get the i-net facility. Through which they
can access their account through internet.
4. If the account holder is going abroad and he/she will want to give
the right to another person to handle his account. He will sign the “third party
5. If the customer want to change his mailing address. He will fill the
“Address changing form”. The Bank sent one letter on old address and one on new
address to confirm that he actually want to change address.
6. If the customer do not opreate his account from the last 6 mounths,
his account is dornmant (inactive). To activate the account the customer debit
(withdraw) the money from account.And also write the application to activate the
account and sign on it.

Check book issuing Procedure;
Once the account is opened, Askari bank issues the Checquebooks to the customer so
that they could withdraw their money whenever the amount they like. The producer of
issuance of the Checque book is as follows:

For the customer who already has an account with the bank, the lastly consumed
Checquebook requisition slip with the help of which a new Checquebook is issued.
And the person who is going to open a new account for the first time gets the
Checquebook free without any requisition slip. Askari Bank issues the chequebooks
for both the local and foreign currency accounts
The amount charged by bank is as fallowed.

• Newly opened account issued Free

• New checquebook issued amount 150
• Lost Checquebook issued 550

Credit/Debt Card issues Procedure;

Mr.Rizwan Also deals this department. He told me that the bank is authorized to issue the
credit card of two companies, which are under bank of America.
• Master Card
• Visa debt Card
There are following types of master card.
• Classic card
• Silver card
• Gold card

Limitations on Shopping
These cards has also has some limitations on the shopping as well
• Classics card (100000-/ limit)
• Gold card (200000-/ limit)
Letter of thanks
Once the account is been opened I the bank issued the letter of thanks to customers just to
make a good relations with them.

Week # 2 Experience

Cash Department

In cash department different facilities are given to the customer such as received cheques,
receive cash, pay cash, online transaction. Relief funds amount submission.Online service
is provided by the bank to transfer money from one account to another.

Work in cash department and learned how to accomplish different tasks like deposit,
credit card slips in this department. I have counted bundles of cash, sorted the cash and
make their packets and bundles again in supervision of management. The spoiled cash is
sent to the head office. Head office sent this to State Bank, which after checking it burn
the spoiled notes.

In cash department we receive the cheques from the customer; we have to verify the
signatures of the issuer by using a soft wear Unibank. The date of issue of cheque,
signature and amounts are checked. Cheque can be encashed after six months of its issue.
If that period is over then the cheque is returned unpaid. There is a limit, different officers
verify up to different amounts.

If there is any problem in the signatures, then bank call the issuer on the phone to confirm
whether he draws the cheque or not. On the back of the cheque there should be the sign of

the issuer. If any other person presented the cheque then he has to give a photocopy of
CNIC of issuer. In cash department I also learnt how to identify original cheque, this
could save from frauds.

UV Test

If the cheque has a big amount Ultra violet rays analysis is been done on it. to check is
the cheque is authorized or not. If the checque is authorized then the UV stamp is marked
on it.

Cash Department Responsibilty

Cash departmet also inject the money in ATM machine on the daily basis.this all
procedure is done meanwhile in the beginning of setup.the amount which is not used
within the day is backed up and new amount is added in the machine.
The amount which the credit holder take off form the machine is pasted on paper and this
roll paper dairy is kept in the record to check in case of any ambiguity.
In this paper the amount that the account holder taker with time and date is tracked.and
then this tape is paste on the register to keep the record.

Clearing Department
I Work in clearing department and learned how documents are cheeked in clearing
department. If the customer deposited the cheque of another bank to our branch then we
use the stamp of clearing and sent it to the clearing house (NIFT). They have the
representatives from all banks. They checked the stamping, signatures, date, amount; etc.
if it is correct then they clear it. Otherwise these are returned to the branch. State Bank of
Pakistan Dr. or Cr. the amount of these Cheques.

Clearing Procedure
Here the local cheques are received that are drawn on Askari bank. All the cheques are
received on one counter along with the paying slips duly filled in properly containing
particulars of cheque and account holder. Counter folio of paying slip is handed over to
the customer by putting stamp for cheque received for collection for Askari bank on it

duly signed by officer. These cheques are analyzed and cheques for local clearing are
separated from OBC. These are then entered in clearing register and cheques for
collecting are entered in OBC register and handed over the bills department of collection.
Clearing officer checks and verifies title of all the cheques deposited by the customer to
confirm the good title of the cheques. Cheques are scrutinized properly and paying slips
are separated from cheques. Special crossing, endorsement and clearing stamps are
affixed on the cheques. Cheques of each bank are sorted and arranged branch wise. All
the cheques are then entered into the clearing system of bank. Print out of the clearing is
taken and details are attached.
With the cheques of each bank. Details of these banks are then entered into the
clearing schedule containing number of cheques presented and their total amount against
the name of each bank. Then total number of cheques presented to all banks and their total
amount is written on the foot of that schedule, which is tallied with the clearing register.

After this these cheques are delivered to the respective banks in clearing house of
SBP between 9:00 to 9:30 AM. In the same manner, other banks present their clearing
drawn on Askari bank. Total number of cheques and their amount delivered to other
banks are received from them are written on the clearing house schedule and handed over
to the officer clearing house SBP. Cheques / DD received in clearing are given to the
officer cash department of the branch for their repayment. After I proper scrutiny of
cheques, verification of signatures and confirmation of balance in the account, officer
cash department pays these cheque by canceling and posting them in the system.
If any cheque is not passed due to insufficient balance or any other reason, officer cash
department returns the same cheque by attaching a cheque return memo containing reason
for return. This cheque is entered into the cheque returned register and bank charges are
deducted according to the schedule of charges.
Second clearing is called at 2:30 PM to check the fate of the Cheques presented to other
banks in the morning. If any cheque is to return, that is delivered to the same bank in
second clearing. In the same manner, if any cheque presented by Askari bank in first
clearing is returned, they receive it and once again give schedule of clearing figure to the
officer-clearing house SBP containing number of cheques and their amount delivered and
received unpaid.

Types of clearing

There are three types of clearing

• Inward Clearing: In inward clearing the bank is paying on the behalf of their
customer. In it bank give the payment to other bank.
• Outward clearing: In outward clearing the bank is receiving the amount on the
behalf of their customers. In it bank collect the payment from other banks.
• OBC: It is out of city where the branch of SBP does not exist.

Week # 3 Experience

Credit Department / Loan sanctions Department

Loan Sanctions department also called credit department it is one of the most important
departments of the bank. It is called the mind of the bank. This department controls the
affairs of bank related with the finances or loans.
The Loan Sanctions department of askari Bank also performs the functions relating to the
credit administration and credit accounts. It performs following functions. Our Credit and
Department aims at providing complete financial solutions for its customers. Skilled
professionals deliver contemporary corporate banking services in a personal manner.
Committed to maintaining stable and long term relationships with our customers, Askari
Commercial Bank combines personalized services with technological capabilities to
deliver sophisticated banking solutions.

Learning in this department;

I Work in loan sanctions department and learned how loans are being approved and how
proposals are send to valued customers. Here we have to see different things like worth of
customers, there financial strengths, market repute; etc.There are different types of
finances and for them there are different requirements like requirements of working
capital, mark up rate has been decided and clean up requirements has also taken into

Clean up means for once in a year, the customers have to pay the whole loan. Here the
aim is to check that whether he is able to pay his loan or not. TL or TF: It stands for term
loan or term finance. It is for companies not for consumers.

Issuance of loan (Back End Procedure)

One the application of loan is given to this department the bank check the exact amount of
the assets to that person who want to take loan from the bank. The evaluation of the
property is taken from the property dealer’s generally in askari bank the loan is given on
the amount of assets that an individual has. In my stay in this department the bank
management has approve the loans for small businessman and house renovation.

Week # 4 Experience
Remittance department;
Remittance department provides services to the customer of the bank. The main function
of this department is transfer of funds.

The instruments that are handled in this department are as follows:

• Demand Draft.

• Traveler’s Cheque

• Telegraphic transfer

• Pay order.

Objective of remittance Department
Remittance department provide a facility to a customer to transfer money from one place
to another. And can also refer to the accounting concept of a monetary payment
transferred by a customer to a business.
Remittances are transfers of money by foreign workers to their home countries. In
remittances they tell me different functions. They issue pay orders, demand drafts, call
deposit receipt (CRD), fixed deposit receipt (FRD), telegraphic (TT).the short description
of these all are written below.
Pay Order (PO)
This is used to transfer money within city. The charges where taken it depend upon the
Demand Draft (DD)
This is used to transfer money outside city. The charges where taken it depend upon the
Tele Transfer (TT)
This is used to transfer money outside country. The charges where taken it depend upon
the amount.
Traveler’s Cheque
Used by the individuals for travel outside of the country generally used by the tourist.

Information technology Department

Information technology department in bank observe all the activited via camera .and
ensure the securilty to the bank.it is responsibale to provide all kind of information realted
technology to the bank.
It also observed the computer systems of the bank in case of any imbiuity helps the
related department.Main purpose to opertate the banking softwera with is uni Bank.

Week # 5 Experience

Record Room Department
My work account department this departmant is also caled activity.all the checques and
vouchers are allocated here and then attacthed with the sheets.

Genrally two typoes of activites are performed here

o Customer Deposit
o General Ledger
o Online Ledger

Customer Deposit
In costomer ledger all the transations which are done by the customers are attached which
the sheet here.the tractions may conatins gerall deposits in accounts,tranffer of
funds,ATM transations the amount which the customers deposit to purschae some sought
of property for for donation.

To perpare the customer ledger these things are checked

o Account number of customer
o Instrument number
o Slip number
o Amount number

Generally it includes checques gerall deposits Slips Vouchers School or university fee.
With the sheets they are arranged with codes the different accounts have different codes
like ASDA current or saving accounts have different Number on them.

General Deposit
In genrall ledger the inter branch expenditure of the bank and all those vouchers are
attached with the sheets which belongs to other banks or companies this all procedure are
done according to Codes.

Income\ commission pay orders local bills has different Sheet codes and the Vouchers are
attached accordingly .the some codes are written as fallowed

640 Income \ commsion

0780 New checque book Issusse
1900 Fuel Expense
2050 Demnad draft issued during the day
4210 Pending Cheques
4370 Local Bills
5410 Vouchers
5610 Main office accounts
6010 Cash postion forgien
6020 Cash postion Local
6025 Cash in ATM
6075 Due from treasury
7490 Prize bond
7600 Expenses from the branch
7605 travel Cheques
4250 T.T Issue

My Learning Account Department

I have worked in accounts department and learned how the daily activities are being
handled. I have rechecked entries, vouchers and matched them with the entries in the
report. I have identified errors in it like missing stamps, wrong entry of document
number; etc. I have checked there different reports of daily working like online report,
reconciliation report, and customer report. Here I have checked G/L account in which
there are different types of accounts like refreshment, suspense, depreciation account; etc.
In customer account report we have to see the vouchers of their day to day transactions.
In online report we have to see on line transactions like transfer of amounts by customers
and check and verified them through vouchers.

Online ledger
Online ledger is simple as compared to general or customer ledger because there the
vouchers are attached according to there account numbers by matching with the sheets

Week # 06 Experience
Foreign Trade Department
The term foreign exchange is used to denote either a foreign currency or the rate at which
one currency is converted into another .Foreign exchange department performs following

o Foreign Bills for collection

o Foreign telegraphic transfer

o Foreign Demand Draft

o Inward remittances

o Daily Reporting

The daily reporting is done by binary language call SWIFT. And all the record of the

transaction is kept but banks it self and also sent to the SWIFT. The binary language is

based on Codes with is only understand able by bank and swift.

Accounts Department
Accounts Departments deals with income and expenditure of the branch. Generally it
plays a role of Human resource of the branch. The monthly salaries of the staff, the
process of recruitment of the equipment used for the banking procedure like pen, gum,
registers or phone bills Etc. all the money or the recourses are provided by them.

In this they make the budget for their monthly and daily expenses (refreshment,
stationary; etc.) Salaries of the staff are prepared in this department.

Locker Services
Askari banks also facilitate there customer by providing them locker services a fixed
amount is charged from those customers who have activate there locker in the bank.
I have not stayed in this department for a long time because of shortage of time but I have
learned how the bank management behaves with the customers how these services have.
Now about my learning Experience get to know that the customer how is using this
service the bank give him a key to access there locker in the bank

The locker can be opened just by two keys if they are available at the same time the other
key the bank management have. The customer is allowed to stay in locker room as much
time as they can check there treasury what ever that have any time.

Feed Back of Internship

I worked as an internee in Askari Bank to gain and experience the knowledge and
working of banking sector. These are the learning of my internship:

Learn how the bank’s departments function. I wanted to have myself in the environment
where I could get interact with the customer I Learn about the techniques and processes
used in Operations Department.

How to Deal with the problems regarding their Accounts or any other related problem.
And guiding customers and making the banking function convenient for them. To get the
thorough knowledge of different credits offered by bank.

Knowledge gained
Well no doubt that I have learned a lots from the internship special who to deals with the
customers how to behave under different situation. Before doing internship I have no idea

about hoe to fill the checque what is voucher what kinds if transaction take place in bank.
How I can transfer my money from on city to another also know about different kinds of
checques and there features. So really my knowledge has improved and I have learned a

Skill Development
I have also improved my skills specially the dealing skills while working in account
department how to interacts with the customer who to deals with the boss and
subordinates. one more thing I want to add here how to dress because the corporate
culture of Askari bank is full formal.

Team work Learning

Well I have not got a chance to work in a team while my internship but my subordinate
really helps me and where a need required tell me about a specific object. The work which
I have done I Accounts department was Complicated and attention taking the senior
internee really help me in this department.

Specific Assignment \ Research Work

I have not got a chance to do work in form of group of any research work because
generally interns get a chance to do these things in companies. While I have done in bank
some I have not got any opportunity like this.

Chapter # 04
(Conclusion & recommendations)

I have come up with a final conclusion in my view that Askari bank is good as compared
to other local banks but in some areas still they need to work. Even though the customers
has a good image of bank in there bank

On the semi annually bases the targets of money to bring in the banks are given to the
employees that’s creates pressures among the whole workforce of the bank. there are
some persons in the bank who are working on the contract base to utilize there
efficiencies bank can provide the job security to these candidate.

On thing that I have noticed here that the top management of that branch just has good
relations among them while the officers grade level are not treated well so the
management has to behave formally. The sense of Decentralization no exists and
promotion is given to employees after three years with a strong reference.

Finally I want to say the soft wear which they are using is not secured it is very easy to
use and any person how knows how to use computer can handle it I suggest to bring some
sought of Complexities in it.


 They should treat interne as Interne not like Office boys.

 The bank should use efficient Internet facility, which is available in the market
very easily. They should use DSL or Wi tribe Internet in Branch but sometimes
the speed of internet is very slow which create great problem especially for online
 There must be separate parking for both employees and the customers, in order to
facilitate them both. It is better for the bank employees to arrive at bank 5 to10
minutes early then there bank timings, so they could have the proper parking space
for them.
 Internees are given less importance. They do not have proper procedure for
training. Internees should be given more formal training.
 In Allama Iqbal Town Branch, there is less staff. So, they should hire more
employees to meet there working requirements efficiently.
 Askari Bank Allama Iqbal town Branch is free space available in Second flour
they can bring there Islamic Brach here to utilize there space and avoid extra
expenditure of frent.
 Training programs offered by Askari Bank are less. They should increase them to
enhance the skills of their employees.
 Many customers complaint that the bank numbers are busy all the time. Actually
one is not working properly, so they should remove this fault to avoid customer


Here I want to mentioned the name of those persons inside the bank who really help
me to make this report
• Mr . umer saeed
Cash officer Mob; 0321-4065181
• Mr. Sayyed hussain Zulifqar
Asst. manager of bank Mob; 0321-4123191
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