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Courtney Krueger

Professor Sullivan

Educational Psychology

December 12th 2018

Current Events

A school in North Caronlina gave laptops to all of their students from 4th and a 5 year

5study was done to look at the effect that the laptops had in this school. The first 3 years there

was no chance and the 4th year there was little benefit and in the 5th year there was only a

significant change in math. The sores did go up a lot for everything, but it also went up in

neighboring schools that did not give laptops, so that increase was due to a third variable. They

said that the reason it might have took so long to see improvements is that a lot of the teachers

did not like the laptops and didn’t use them in their curriculum and that everyone needed to

adjust to it. The reason the reading scored might not have went up is because the laptop

decreased the children’s reading time. The money for the laptop came out of the library budget

and some teachers were laid off to pay for it. Wealthier families are also given a $50 usage fee

for the laptops.



A K-9 charter school in Georgia has asked parents for consent to hit children with

paddles as a form of discipline instead of suspending them. The children are only allowed to be

hit 3 times and it is done behind closed doors. Paddling is not the first form of punishment as

they are given 2 warnings before it is done. The parents have to sign a consent form and are also

contacted before the paddling occurs. About 1/3 of parents have agreed to the consent forms.


A university in England has sent out a memo to its professors telling them that they

should use any negative language with the students to reduce anxiety. The school believes that

anxiety discourages the students from doing their work and reaching their potential. The school

has banned the use of capital letters as well and the term “don’t”. They believe it will keep the

type of communication consistent and will benefit the students.



A high school in England has banned Canada Goose and Moncler coats. “Coats from

these brands start at around $500 and can get as expensive as almost $2,000.” These coats were

banned because the staff feels that it creates inequality in the students, shames poor families who

cannot afford it and pressures everyone to have one. They do not want their school to be a place

where people’s financial background is shamed and rubbed in their faces and believe that

banning the coats will prevent that.



A study was published in Educational Psychology journal that found that students who

have technology present during class have lower tests scores be half a letter grade. The study

looked at 118 students, all in the same class by the same professor where half of them were

allowed to use electronics during the lecture and the other half were not. For lecture

comprehension, the two groups scored the same but for the final exam, the group without the
technology scored higher. The study also noted that those in the class allowed to use technology

that chose not to also had lower scores because of the distraction made from their classmates.