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Adding Audio to Google Slides

AFTER you have completed your research, added pictures to your slides, and after you have
written your entire script, use these directions to read your script and record it to your Google

1. Get the Screencastify App by following

these directions:

2. Click on the Apps button on the top left corner of

your Internet browser.

3. You might need to sign in using your PSD login.

4. Go to the Web Store.

5. Search for Screencastify and Add to Chrome. Open it.

6. You may need to click to set up Camera Access.

7. Click Allow.

8. Open the hamburger icon.

9. Store on Google Drive. Click Next.

10. Continue to follow the prompts to set up Screencastify.

11. Click on the pink Screencastify icon on the top right corner
of your Internet browser.

12. Make it look like the following:


Make a mental note:

Your videos should be no more

than five minutes long.

It costs money to get the upgraded

extension that allows for editing. So you will need to record the entire video in one sitting. Make
sure you have your perfected script next to you, and sit in a quiet area to allow for optimal
recording conditions.

14. Set up your slides to the beginning and click Present.

15. Shortcut: You can use Alt, Shift, R to start recording.

16. You might need to click on Share and select for it to record your whole screen/desktop.

17. The computer will default to giving you a 3 second countdown. To extend the countdown,
click on the Screencastify icon. Click on the gear at the top right, and select Countdown. Select
10 seconds so you have time to get everything set up on your screen before it begins recording.

18. You will want to hide any toolbars and move your mouse off of the screen to avoid

19. Use Alt Shift P to pause the recording.

20. To unpause, click Alt, Shift P.

21. As you record your presentation, navigate through the slides using the arrows on your
22. To stop recording and to save, click Alt, Shift, R a second time. Do not do this until you are
completely done.

23. Preview your work. You may need to record several times to perfect it.