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Ava Frank

Mrs. Davis Composition 1

Family in Disguise
When I was younger I had a huge passion for sports and competition. In fact, I believe sports
have shaped me into the person I am today. I spent countless hours with my teammates, at
practice and school. In fact, I spent more time with them, than I did with my family.
Undoubtedly, my teammates started to feel more like family than teammates; while my coach
was more than just a coach, he was a father figure.
Being involved in sports, has made me take on a leadership role, responsibility’s, and
make new friends. Sports have given me the strong values I have today. To begin, I’ve learned
that you need to be coachable. Of course, I didn’t like getting yelled at for my mistakes. Perhaps,
it wasn’t because my coach was trying to be mean. It was because he was trying to help me
perform better in games. I now have to figure out what I’m doing wrong on my own. I have to
analyze what went wrong and make sure I adjust to make it right. Having this in view, I hate not
having anyone yell at me for my mistakes, now that I’m not playing sports.
Secondly, I value the bonds that I’ve built with my teammates and coaches while playing
sports. It’s crazy to think that girls I never expected to be friends with when I played sports, are
now my friends and know everything about me, because we shared a common passion. I was
around these girls every day even on the days we had off. In fact, I would still hang out with one
or maybe even all of my teammates.
In addition, my coaches have been strong role models and mentors for me. I’ve built
strong relationships will all of my former coaches. Not only have they encouraged me to do my
best in sports, but they’ve impacted my personal life as well. Next, playing sports with girls has
always been a challenge. The more, girls you have the more, drama and jealousy there is. For
example, I disliked a few girls on my team, because I believe my coach favored them over
everyone else. This being the case, I had to work harder than everyone else. Showing up to
practice early, staying longer after each practice; to put more shots up, and performing my
absolute best. Also, It’s not about quantity it’s about quality. In general, I’ve learned that you
will not always succeed.
Being an athlete you lose games, miss shots, strike out, and get yelled at. Even if it
wasn’t your fault. Similarly, I’ve learned to hold myself accountable for my actions. This has
carried on with me to this day. Playing sports has allowed me to take on more responsibility,
because I know what I’m capable of doing. In college, sports have still played a part in my time
management skills. In high-school I went to school for eight hours, then I had three hour
practices. I had to choose what I did with my time wisely. Same with how I spend my free time
in college. Sports have helped me to maintain good behavior, because you never know who’s
watching you. Above all, I value the friendships I’ve made while playing sports. I talk to most of
my old teammates on a regular basis.