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Our Commencement Speaker, who will be introduced later; guests coming from the Division of

Iloilo; Hon. Ferjenel G. Biron, Congressman of the Fourth Congressional District of Iloilo; Hon.
Rosario Mediatrix P. Fernandez, Mayor of the Municipality of San Enrique; Members of the
Sangguniang Bayan who are present this morning/afternoon; Mr. Serafin R. Panes Jr., Principal
II of San Enrique National Comprehensive High School; Mrs. Delilah P. Mallar, Head Teacher III;
Faculty and Staff, Parents, Fellow members of the graduating class, ladies and gentlemen, good

We are here this morning/afternoon gathered in one purpose—for our graduation and
commencement program. We are one in this time to celebrate our success—the success of the
students in the past one academic year of overcoming challenges both inside and outside the
classroom; the success of our teachers in shaping and molding many young minds; and most
especially the success of our parents in sending every one of us who are here this time and
made us even mature individuals equipped with learnings and knowledge. This is the time that
we are reaping the fruits of our labors—of all the sleepless nights, of all the burning of midnight
candles, of all the extravagant spending of time and money for our projects, reports,
performances and exams. Therefore we deserve a clap for ourselves and another round of
applause for our teachers and parents.

To think of the days we’ve spent here in our Alma Mater, it’s like we’ve been here only
yesterday because time has passed so unknowingly that we’ve forgot all the hardships we have
done for our studies in senior high school but undeniably there are sketches in our hearts and
minds that serve as learnings and guiding principles in our future life encounter.

We entered here as children who are immature of the world of professionalism but now we are
leaving as well-nurtured men and women ready to face professional life ahead. We will not be
what we are now if not because of many persons who have been with us—who guided us in the
journey to graduation, who motivated us when we are about to give up because of lost hope,
who made us smile in times of our agony and failures, who tried us in times that we think we
are on the extremes of life.

My beloved teachers—you have been significant instruments for our growth. Thank you for the
motherly and fatherly love you’ve shared with us.

My beloved classmates and friends—you have been my sisters and brothers whom together we
held our hands to reach this destined day.

My dearest siblings—you have inspired me enough that I have painted well my dream future
for all of us.

My ever supportive relatives and godparents especially Ninang Isi—you all guys have shaped
me together with my parents to the Shasha that you love as always.
My phenomenal creators—Nanay and Tatay—you are the best parents I have had and will be as
long as I live. You have allowed me to develop my interest and explore the world I want. I will
always indebt my life to the two of you.

My Church Family—you have shared well to me the word of our Creator. You made me grow
spiritually healthy because of your empowering presence.

And everyone who have been with me and with us throughout our high school years here at
San Enrique National Comprehensive High School, you are all are great part of me.

As we leave this institution, we will never forget the ideals you’ve sown to all of us.

Our heartfelt thanks and overflowing gratitude for everything you’ve done to make us proud
alumni of this humble institution.

As we move on to the next stage of our educational journey, we will be facing new challenges in
our college life. Let us be bold and wise to overcome those tests and achieve excellence.

Indeed, the kind of citizens we are in the future is the kind or persons we have dreamed and
painted today.

In behalf of the 2019 Batch of Graduates of San Enrique National Comprehensive High School, I
welcome you all to this Commencement Exercises. Godspeed SENCHS!

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