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Automatic PO creation

1) Material Master purchasing view tick automatic PO check box

2) Vendor Master purchasing view tick automatic PO check box.
3) Maintain Source list for Vendor & Material.(ME01)
4) Maintain Purchase Info Record.(ME11)
5) Create a Purchase Requisition.(ME51)
6) Use T.Code: ME59 & execute for PR for vendor, you will be able to create automatic PO.
During creation of PR , select check box of Source Determination in the 1st screen of ME51 /ME51N
Ensure that Purchase Info Record should be there.
If you have more than one vendor then fixes only one vendor in source list.
For Service auto- PO, you need to activate Automatic Purchase order creation for Service
requisitions in ML91. Create info record based on Material Group, For Automatic PO , info record is
mandatory. For more please read note 635511

Steps to create purchase info record with material group for service POs
Go to Me11
Enter Vendor
Enter Pur.Org
Enter Plant
Choose Info category.
Don't enter Material code:
In next screen the System ask the Mat.Group.