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Noun,verbs, adjectives,adverbs, prepositions,articles


Un,re, in & dis prefix

Able,ity,ment & ive Suffix

Un,in,im,il,ir,dis with meaning not
Re-again,over= too much,-mis=badly or incorrectly

Verb+noun suffix

Adjective+noun suffix
Ness /ity


Noun or Verb+ suffix

Adjetivo Comparativo Superlativo
Able Strong +er est
Ful having the quality of the noun
Ing /ul more ….. most ……..
Less without

Sujeto+Verbo+Objeto+Objeto Indirecto
Dos silabas:
Er/est more/est er
Verbos intransitivos:
Consonante+y ful/ing/ed/ous/ish
Die lie sneeze occur sleep hesitate rain pause
Ple /ble et/nt/st ow
Verbos trasitivos:
To be+
Appear seem look feel semell sound taste
Much/many > more >most
I /He/ She/ It/ You/ We/ They
Otra idea: also/too/as
well/moreover/furthermore/in adittion
Idea de contraste: however/still/nvertheless/on the
other hand

Idea alternativa: alternatively


Causa/ efecto: so therefore/thus/consequently

Ideas de tiempo: son/then/

Conjunción doble Función
and Both..and adición
but contraste
Or Either…or alternativas
nor Neither…nor negación

Although /As/ As if/ Because/ Even thought/ If/ Wherever/ Since/ Unless/ When/ While

Conj subordinación

tiempo When/while/as/Before/after/Until/since Cuando,mientras,antes,después de que,hasta,desde

lugar Where,wherever Donde, dondequiera
condición If,unless,provided,as long as Si, a menos que, siempre que, mientras que
contraste Althought,even thought, while,whereas Aunque, mientras que
razón Because, as, since Porque,como,dado que
Comp. As…as, as if, than Tan…como, como si, que

Verb to be (presnt-past)
Afirmativo Negativo Interrogativo
I am (was) ‘m not (wasn’t) Am i…? (Was…i?)
You are (were) arent (weren´t) Are you? (Were you?)
He/She/It is (was) Isn´t (wasn´t) Is….? (Was…?)
We are arent (weren´t) Are you? (Were you?)
They are arent (weren´t) Are you? (Were you?)

Present Simple
Afirmativo Negativo Interrogativo
I /you /we/they work don´t work Do you/we/they work?
He/she/it Works doesn´t work Does he/she/it work?
s/sh/chx/z +es
consonante +y = i+es

Past Simple

Fall fell wake woke begin began
Sit sat bring brought cost cost
Run ran win won fight fought
Read read fly flew hit hit
Swim swam keep kept lose lost

Afirmativo Negativo Interrogativo

Verb reg i walked he didn´t walk Did they walk?
She studied
Verb irreg you went
We ate
past progressive
Afirmativo Negativo Interrogativo
i/he/she/ it was eating wasn´t eating Was i/he/she/ it?
You/we/they were eating weren´t eating Were You/we/they?

Will going to
Afirmativo Negativo Interrogativo
i/he/she/ it Will go Will not go Will (you) go?
You/we/they (‘ll go) (won´t go) yes, i Will/no,won´t

Present perfect
Afirmativo Negativo Interrogativo
i/ You/we/they have (‘ve) finished have not (haven´t) have …?
he/she/ it has(´s) finished has not (hasn´t) Has…?

algo en el pasado/ evento pasado y continuacion/ periodo especifico/ reciente: just, already,jet-recently