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Franklin 1

Zoe Franklin


English III

24 April 2019

MGRP- Research Paper

Michelle Obama has been an outstanding role model for many people. When Barack

became the 44th President, Michelle became the new face of America. Michelle Obama has been

an inspiration for many and helps the world by supporting her husband, fighting through difficult

times, and using her FLOTUS privileges.

Michelle was first Barack’s advisor and mentor at a law firm. They fell in love and had

two beautiful kids. Michelle and Barack Obama have had up and downs in their relationship

throughout the years with political campaigns and marriage life. However, the Obamas have

always been there for each other.“In the beginning of Barack’s campaign for president, Michelle

did not want her family to be in politics.” (“Michelle Obama: Grace Over Guile”) Michelle did

not want them to live in the White House. She wanted her family to have a normal life.“Obama

conquering her fears of making her private life public.” (Locker) She didn’t want her family to

be in the spotlight for millions of Americans to see. After seeing how much Barack wanted to be

president, she willingly sacrificed her private life to help her husband. They may look like a

perfect couple but everyone has their ups and downs.“what she and Barack learned in couples

counseling.” (Locker) Dealing with their new life as the first family, which was already hard

enough, Michelle and Barack wanted to strengthen their bond to help their family and focus back

on helping our country.

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During any political campaign, there can be times where the candidates can face


Michelle faced hate while Barack was running for president. “I've no intention of running for

office, ever. I've never been a fan of politics, and my experience over the last ten years had done

little to change that. I continue to be put off by the nastiness- the tribal segregation of red and

blue.” (“Michelle Obama: Grace Over Guile”) People questioned Barack being president because

Michelle didn’t even like politics. How could they work together to help our country?“And for

much of the rest of the campaign season, the opinion media obsessed over her love—or lack of

love—of country.” (Coates) People didn’t wanted a president whose wife wouldn't even care

about helping our country. They were very skeptical about her.“another widely hated regulation

instituted by Obama--Michelle Obama, that is, who, in keeping with the time-honored

progressive mindset, decided that the best” (“The Administration Has Rolled Back Another

Widely Hated Regulation Instituted by Obama--Michelle Obama, That Is, Who, in Keeping with

the Time-Honored Progressive Mindset, Decided That the Best Way of Persuading Children to

Eat Their Vegetables Was to Force Them To”) People did not like some of Michelle’s ideas to

help the country. While going through this hatred, Michelle still pushed through and did not let

the haters drg her down.

After Barack Obama became the 44th President of the United States, Michelle also

became the First Lady and had new duties to carry. She created new organizations to help kids,

minorities, and Americans to help everyone life the best healthy life. “This was made evident in

February, when First Lady Michelle Obama revealed her ambitious goal of solving pediatric

obesity within a generation through a comprehensive campaign called "Let's Move!” (Bailey)

Michelle’s most famous organization, Let’s Move, helps kids exercise and eat healthy. She used
Franklin 3

her resources as the First Lady to help kids become healthier. Michelle also created an

organization to help girls in the business world.“The new initiative will be "offering scholarships,

launching mentorship programs, preparing girls to become entrepreneurs.” (“Michelle Obama

Announces New Project to Help Educate Girls Worldwide”) Helping more girls become

involved in business helps in gender equality. These girls are gaining opportunities that they

might have never had if it were not for Michelle. She also used her privileges as the First Lady to

help with international affairs.“Tell them how we worked together to finally take out Osama bin

Laden," Michelle Obama added” (Magee) Michelle also has a say in political affairs and

decisions to help our country. When MIchelle became First Lady she helped people around the

world. She cares for us and our country and has helped us in many ways.

In conclusion, Michelle Obama has been a person who we all can look uo to. She has

done numerous acts to help our country and ourselves. She may have had people who don’t

believe in her, but that did not stop her from becoming the first African American First Lady. She

had work with her husband though the good and the bad to help our country and given up her

private to help us. She is an inspiration for all by helping kids around become healthier and

aching their dreams.

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Franklin 5


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