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Republic of the Philippines


Echague, Isabela

January 30, 31, 2019 and February 14, 2019

Data Gathering
To gather the “Profile of the Family” of the Barangay.


After having an orientation and training at the Community of Malitao regarding on how to

fill up the interview guide in each household, we already had our data gathering with the help of

the Barangay Officials and Barangay Health Workers who assist us to our designated area, which

is Purok 1. Wherein, we have work in two partners for us to maximize our time to gather the data’s


While having our data gathering we have experienced a lot such us on how are we going

to gain trust of our client and how to manage time and more patience is needed and yet we also

encountered different types of people in every household, some of them are very accommodating,

participative, hospitable, but there are also some people who are hard to communicate with.

However, we’ve also been feel hungered, were also exposed to the sun while on the field

just to reach every household of the Purok 1 and one of the lesson there is that we should bring

everything that we needed. In addition, this unforgettable experience made us realized on how hard

is it to become a community nurse but due to these, we gained many learnings regarding on how

to deal with different types of approach of the people in the community as well as on how to

become flexible and attentive in every situation. At these activity, our communication skills were

enhanced most especially our personality.

January 30, 2019

First day of data gathering at Barangay Malitao, Echague/

Taking group pictures at the Barangay Hall with the Barangay Captain and Barangay
Health Worker.
January 30, 2019

Start walking going to our designated area, which is Purok 1.

Also, taking photos of the road that we had walked through out the first day of data gathering.
January 30, 2019

Taking photos of our road experience at Barangay Malitao, Echague Isabela while working for
the data gathering.
January 30, 2019

Start visiting houses for the interview and ongoing data gathering of each household respondents
together with our clinical instructor ma’am Miriam D. Macutay.
January 30, 2019
Having lunch for the first data gathering and taking selfies while having rest periods.
January 30, 2019
We also went to the Dammang-Malitao Elementary and High School to get the profile of the
students of Barangay Malitao for us to complete our data to be gathered in the barangay.
January 31, 2019
We properly start the interview by first introducing our self and state our purpose so that we will
gained their trust.
At this photo, we also gathered the data of one of the barangay kagawad of Barangay Malitao
together also with our clinical instructor who is guiding us throughout the interview.
While gathering data one of the partner taking notes the important details and the other getting
the respondents Blood Pressure, Height and Weight.
January 31, 2019
Continuing data gathering by taking the height and weight of the respondents especially their
blood pressure.
January 31, 2019
For the second day, this was the continuation of what we had gone for the first day of data
gathering of the respondent’s profile of Barangay Malitao.
January 31, 2019
Having lunch at one of the Barangay Health Worker house together with our group mates and
taking selfies with our clinical instructor while having rest periods.
January 31, 2019
Capturing the Barangay’s Communal Garden and other household’s own mini garden at their
backyard and their proper waste disposal, which separates the plastic, cans, and bottles.
February 14, 2019
The third day of data gathering or the last day of completing the interview guide, which we get
all of the important details for our data and taking selfies together with our partners and
groupmates while we have time.