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c) Pie diagram showing percentage of water use for various purposes viz,

agriculture, domestic, industrial and evaporation from reservoirs.

10. Earlier it was not possible to make changes in already created
scenarios and to delete it. Now it has become possible to make any
changes in already created scenarios and even it can be deleted.
11. Now the data can be entered directly in the data sheets from any other
MS Excel sheets. Earlier it was not possible.

During the year, the above activities were further carried out.

4.7.3 Use of Podium Model

• The PODIUM model is very useful for any kind of study related with
river basin management.
• Model can be used by Politicians, Administrators, Policy makers and
• Very useful tool for making long term Policy decisions to meet the
demand of people.
• Model can help the Policy makers in assessing the various needs of the
growing populations.
• Policy makers can evaluate various available options to ulfil the
demand of society.
• Permutations and combinations of various options can be evaluated
with the help of model.

4.7.4 Country Policy Support Programme (CPSP)

CPSP was launched by International Commission of Irrigation and

Drainage (ICID) in July 2002 and five countries namely, India, China,
Pakistan, Turkey & Brazil have been identified for the studies. The CPSP is
now being carried out in India and China through the national committees of
ICID. CPSP is meant for serving as a support programme for guiding the
water related polices in three sectors viz. food, people and nature in an
integrated manner. The aim of CPSP is being realized through compilation
and updation of knowledge base, assessment of water requirements in two
sample river basins, use of integrated models like PODIUM, holding of broad
based consultations at basin and at national levels, and high level policy
meetings with the Govts and funding institutions for implementation of policy.
In India, two sample river basins viz. Sabarmati (Gujarat) in west coast and
Brahmani (Orissa) in east cost were selected for the detailed assessments.
The Brahmani basin is rich in water resources while the Sabarmati basin is a
water deficit basin having intensive agricultural and industrial development.
The study of Brahmani and Sabarmati basins were completed using PODIUM
model and the reports are under finalization.



On the request of Ministry of Urban Development, a Steering

Committee under the chairmanship of Secretary (Water Resources) was
constituted by the Ministry of Water Resources in 2001 for estimation of the