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Guidelines for resetting ACP and attending Brake Binding in LHB Coaches

Resetting of Alarm chain pull device (LHB coaches) Procedure to release and isolate brake binding in LHB coach
1 Passenger Emergency Alarm Signalling Device (PEASD) is provided in each coupe of the coach. with FIAT bogie trolley
2 In case of chain is pulled from any coach, hissing sound of pressure leakage may be heard from
Passenger emergency valve (PEV) fitted on the underneath (near Footboard) of the coach (fig no In case of brake binding, the
3). brake indicator of the affected
Figure 1 Figure 2 bogie will show red colour.

Pull the release lever of DV

If released-
Isolate DV by lifting handle
upward and tie with wire.
Isolate FP connection to AR
isolating cock fitted in Brake
panel & drain AR
Normal Position of PEASD Pull Handle PEASD Pull Handle moved downward in
Pulled Position If not released- Air Brake Panel of KBI
Rotate the isolation cock of the
3 To put right Passenger Emergency Alarm Signalling Device (PEASD) of the coach, identify the affected bogie provided on the
location inside the coach from where alarm chain is pulled. The PEASD Pull Handle may be brake panel in anti-clockwise
seen dislocated from its position (as shown in figure 2). direction by 90 degree to release
4 Insert the resetting key in slot and turn it in clockwise direction and PEASD Pull Handle will and isolate the brake cylinders
move upward in its proper position and air pressure leakage through the PEV will stop. of the affected bogie.
5 In case of defect in PEASD or for any other reason if it is not possible to reset the device from Air Brake Panel of FTIL
inside the coach, the same can be isolated by isolation cock fitted near the PEV.
If brakes are released, brake
Figure 3 Figure 4 indicator of the affected bogie
will change colour from red to
green as shown. Check that the
brakes are released by shaking
the brake calipers. If brakes are
released, work the train

If not released
Open flexible pipe of B.C line of
of affected wheel set having
brake binding.
Isolating Handle in ON condition Isolating Handle in Isolated condition
Loosen the hexagonal nut of the brake cylinder by 27 no. or 46 no. spanner. Check that the
6 Work out the train ensuring that requisite pressure is maintained in BP/FP in loco and SLR and
brakes are released by shaking the calipers and work the train. If not released, remove the brake
brakes are released.
caliper pivot pin of affected cylinder