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Urban Issues


Group 5 :

Ahmad Saniyasi Putra (2018021085)

Gita Faradilla Adzani (2018021069)

Ghina Aulia Rofillah (2018021070)

Muhammad Fadli Rifki A. (2018021076)

Richa Delvia Rahman (2018021050)

Sefri Wahyudi (2018021081)

Technological Development for The Urban Society

Rapid technological influences lifestyles that are increasingly striking. Because

technological developments affect mass communacation models to carry out daily living
activities, perhaps in the past, the internet was considered to be “wow” and complicated for
ordinary people, but now we can see for ourselves what it looks like, the internet has become
a common thing for many people. Or maybe we are one of them who has almost all accounts
on social networks, interacting intensively with other individuals on a virtual basic. And
unfortunately some individuals now a days are too over-looking or using their own gadgets.
Mostly he doesn’t think what he does has an impact like that. Where, even if and where the
individual is, he will not be separated from his cellphone because in the current era cellphones
have become a necessity. Plus now it has entered the smartphone era, so that much can be done
in one hand.

 Positive and negative impacts of technological development :

 Postive impact
1. Accelerate infomation flow
The first and foremost positive impact of technology is to
accelerate the flow of information. It cannot be denied that the
flow of information is indeed very fast of information
technology, and it can even be said that it can no longer be
controlled. With all smartphones and internet quota, you can
search for any information. It feels like the world is in the palm
of his hard.
2. The existence of social media or facilitate communication
With the many social media available, it can facilitate the
communication process of one person with other people. No
longer need to send a letter to the post office like in the past. If
in the past you had to wait several days to get a reply, with
today’s technology, just arrived at the recipient.
3. As entertainment media
If you want to search, there is a lot of entertainment that can be
accessed via the internet. Just open youtube.com, then you will
find various kinds of videos. Look for funny videos like stand up
comedy. You can also download various kinds of movies and
music of any kind. Many online games are also available. Just
choose it.
4. Sharing various files easily
Various kinds of files such as photos, songs, or document can be
easily shared via the internet. You can share files with friends who
are abroad and can. Files are sent quickly only seconds. Even now
you can save many documents on the internet via google drive or
cloud storage.
5. Has many positive impacts for education
In the field of education, the positive impact of technology is very
pronounced. Study material and all information related to it are
easy to obtain. So it will be very help full to increase effectiveness
for each student and teacher. The existence of a laptop also speeds
up students and teachers to complete all their tasks.

 Negative impact
1. Lazy socializing
With technology such as gadgets that have many social media
applications, it makes people lazy to socialize. Everyone tends
to prefer chatting chat rather than chatting directly. This is a
negative technology impact that is very dangerous because it can
lead to individualisme.
2. Increase fraud
Deception that is rampant is through online stores. There have
been a lot of fraud cases that happened, so be careful when
shopping at online stores that have not been trusted.
3. Number of negative content
Content negative in this case is bullying, porn videos, hoax news
and so on.
4. Reducing learning achievement
The negative impact of technology, which in turn is to reduce
student achievement. If you are a parent, then don’t forget to
always keep an eye on the sons and daughters who are happy
with the gadget. Many student who are preoccupied with playing
online games until late at night forget their obligations as

 How to utilize technology development

1) Maximizing the role of mobile phones
Mobile is now very sophisticated, making it a device that bridges various
activities. But try wisely in using this technology product to make it a habit
to be used in beneficial activities. For example, making mobile phones as a
medium to increase income, because many people can get additional salaries
from this one device.
2) Understand the proper use of various social media
Social media is also included in the product of the latest technology
developments in the form of applications, and there are many types. In
addition to social media there is also a communication application in the form
of instant messages which numbers are also mushrooming. Try to make use
of all of these applications for things that bring profit so that time is not
wasted. Wrestling an online based bussines and utilizing a variety of
applications to become a media campaign as well as communication with
costomers, so that internet quota is not wasted.
3) Limit the time to use digital equipment
Even though cellphones, laptops, and othe digital electronic devices can be
used for entertainment and similar activities. Try to limit usage, especially
for students who often experience crazy gadget syndromes. Excessive use
has an adverse psychological impact so that activities in the real world are
neglected. Set the usage time so that daily activities in the real world can still
be run properly for quality living with the convenience offered by the
technology around you.
4) Internet access for the right interests
The internet provides a variety of interesting things that will certainly be a
pity if not enjoyed, especially being able to make you an all knowing figure.
But try to glance at sites that do give thanks if you help build a businnes on
the internet. Avoid visiting sites that are detrimental because the internet
when used wisely will help you get a better quality of life. Understand the
rules of using the internet well and be profitable so that techonological
development really brings tremendous benefits in your life.

 How to overcome the negative effects of technological development

a. By giving an understanding to the public about how to use technology that is

good and does not violate ethics, so that technology can be used as an
information toll that can sustain human survival.
b. Block sites that can deliver negative things in anticipation of filtering your
self and others.
c. Using technology as best as possible by accessing sites that are positive and
have educational value.
d. Keep yourself form being easily affected by the various offers offered by
certain sites without knowing the benefits.
e. Set the time for the use of technology so as not to create a sense of opium.
f. Not too much exposure to your daily activities because it will create
opportunities for bad people who take advantage of it.