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Fernaldy Sebastian Santoso

12015036 – Undergraduate Student of Geological Engineering ITB

Japan in Today’s World (JTW) Short-Term Program 2019

Dear Madam or Sir from International Relation ITB

I am Fernaldy, a fourth year student of Institute Teknologi Bandung in the study program of
Geological Engineering, Faculy of Earth Science and Technology. I am delighted to seize this once
in a lifetime opportunity to join JTW Short-Term Program held by Kyushu University. Japan has
offer unique history and culture that has been happening since a long time ago. By joining JTW
Short-Term Program, I could get opportunities to learn about other cultures and also to share
cultures, going outside my personal comfort zone would be challenges for me and I am ready to
face it. The interaction with other students with almost completely different in cultures will be a
good exercise and preparation in facing globalization, including how to works in international
team. Also learning and willing to accept other cultures from different perspectives and to broaden
my personal general knowledge will be beneficial for the development of my social life studies.
JTW Short-Term Program also offers to make a global connection with other foreign students from
the various part of the world. The atmosphere of study system in Japan, as one of the world leading
countries, will create valuable experience that has never taught anywhere before. I also perceive
this program as opportunity to make me a more open-minded person and to know me more my
strength and weakness trough the challenges faced in the times ahead. It will make me more aware
of myself through the experiences and then improved better later. This knowledge and experience
definitely will be useful for the next step of my life.
As my continuous path of study develops, I would like to mention that I have accomplish some
great achievement throughout my study phase. I was selected as the best student in faculty (FITB)
by the end of 2015. I won several national and international paper competitions and case study
competitions. Besides, my curiousity might lead myself to join student association, training,
workshop, conference that were held national and internationally.
As a regards my interests, I enjoy traveling and sports activity. Both those activities are excellent
platform to meet new culture, meet new people as well as I could enrich my own personality with
value taught indirectly from those activites. Learning about sportsmanship, open-minded, and
honesty are the other positive benefits that I could get.
In conclusion, I would like to say if I get this opportunity, I will make sure anything that I will
experience in Kyushu University will be an once in a lifetime worth for myself, nation, and both
of the universities relationship now and in the future. It would be an honour to represent my home
university and my country during next fall semester in Japan and I am ready and willing to take
on new challenges ahead.
I would like to thank you for dedicating time to consider my application. I am looking forward to
hearing the news soon, and to participate in the further selection process.

Best Regards,

Fernaldy Sebastian Santoso