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Manuscript's Template

A Title of the Article (bahasa and English 14pt, bold,


First Author’s Name1*, Second Author’s Name2, and Third Author’s Name3
(11pt, bold, centered)

1 First Author’s Affiliation: Unit/Departement, Faculty, University, City

2 Second Author’s Affiliation: Unit/Departement, Faculty, University, City
3Third Author’s Affiliation: Unit/Departement, Faculty, University, City

(9pt, bold, centered)

*corresponding author:...(email addres)

Abstrak (Arial 9, italic-bold, justify)

Abstrak pada bagian ini berbahasa Indonesia, ditulis dalam bentuk satu paragraf yang tidak melebihi
dari 200 kata. Abstrak berisi ringkasan pendahuluan, metode, hasil, dan kesimpulan. Untuk artikel
menggunakan bahasa Indonesia maka abstrak bahasa Indonesia ditulis terlebih dahulu lalu diikuti
abstrak dalam bahasa Inggris. Demikian sebaliknya, artikel menggunakan bahasa Inggris maka
abstrak bahasa Inggris ditulis terlebih dahulu lalu diikuti abstrak dalam bahasa Inggris Abstrak ditulis
dengan menggunakan huruf Arial font 9, italic dan spasi tunggal.
Kata kunci: word#1; word#2; word#3; word#4; word#5 (maks 5 kata, dipisahkan dengan tanda titik
koma ;)

Abstract (Arial 9, italic-bold, justify)

This abstract is translated from abstrak Indonesia in English. The abstract is written with Arial Font,
size 9, single spacing
Keywords: word#1; word#2; word#3; word#4; word#5. (Maximum of 5 keywords, separated by
semicolon (;),
Abstracts are written in two languages (Indonesian and English) in the form of one
paragraph with a maximum of 200 words. Abstract formats are introductions, methods,
results, and discussions, that are written concisely. Abstract to be typed with 9 pts and
single space. The final part of the abstract contains keywords that reflect the concepts of
the article and help to improve the accessibility of articles, as well as for index
preparation. Abstract to mention maximum of 5 keywords in each Indonesian and

Introduction (10.5pt, Arial)

Background information, give the information that is useful for introducing you
research. This background information must make clear to the reader why you are
asking your research question. Avoiding a detailed literature review. In this part also
consist of the research question/the aim of the study or the objective of the work. State
the question either as a question or as a hypothesis.

Methods (10.5pt, Arial)
Describe methods applied in your research or study. Describe the approach or
the study design, including both independent and dependent variables and use of
statistics. If the methode has been published, write the source as a citation.

Results (10.5pt, Arial)

Describe the results obtained based on the research or study question and the
methods applied. Write the result clearly and concise. You may perform the result as
table or figure.

Discussions (10.5pt, Arial)

This should be an interpretation or exploration of the results rather than a
repetition of the results section. Cite only the important references to your research,
state some conditions that could have influenced your data. Keep it as short and concise
as possible. It is also importance to state the implication or relevance of your research or
study to other researchs

Conclusions (10.5pt, Arial)

Give a clear summary of the outcome to the research or study question make sure you
answer to the yout reseach questions.

Acknowledgements (if any, 10.5pt, Arial)

Acknowledgments are addressed to professionals who assist with the preparation of the
papers, including technical, funding and general support of an institution

References (9 pt, Arial)

The bibliography to be mentioned in sequence according to the appearance in the whole
text and is written based on the rules of Vancouver. The number of bibliography should
not exceed 30 and is limited to journals/publications that are published in the last
decade. For magazine or journal name in the bibliography, author to follow List of
Journal Indexed in Index Medicus. You may use references management software such
as Mendeley, Zotero or EndNote