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com - 2-Day Workshop on Value Analysis/Value Engineering

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Saturday, November 5

ASI OFFERINGS Value Analysis/ Value Engineering PRODUCTS &

SIX SIGMA (2-Day Workshop)
Design for Six Sigma Upcoming Conferences
About the Program: Public Workshops
Robust Engineering

Robust Design VA-VE and its many aspects can be presented in either a Publications & Software
one day training session or a two day workshop. In the ASI Resource People
Taguchi Methods one-day training event, participants will gain knowledge
SPC and understanding of the VA-VE methodology. In a two- ABOUT ASI
day workshop, real teams from your organization will not
Press Releases
QFD only learn all about VA-VE, but will build an VA-VE system
—and be ready to initiate VA-VE activities when they are Client List
done. When the workshop is elected, there are specific
Project Management preparation activities that the client needs to complete History of ASI
prior to the workshop; we can also assist with these PRODUCTS &
Lean Manufacturing activities. SERVICES
Upcoming Conferences
Learning Objectives:
ISO 9000
Public Workshops
PPAP ● The Value Equation
Publications & Software
● The role of teamwork in value enhancement
● Cost-plus pricing and market pricing ASI Resource People
8D Problem Solving ● How consensus works in the VA/VE process
● How to construct a team charter and why this is
critical to success Press Releases
VA/VE ● How to include client interests in the VA/VE process
Client List
● The relationship between VA/VE and Quality
Function Deployment History of ASI
GDT ● How "function" contributes to client satisfaction
● How to determine which functions are most
important to clients
● How to construct a product or service flow diagram
● How anyone can be creative
● How to appraise and develop creative ideas
● How to calculate the value of your current product
or service
● How to calculate the change in value that creative
proposals create
● Action Planning for VA/VE: How to measure, track,
and drive improvements and cost reductions
● What a Value Agreement is and why it is critical to
● The key role of management in VA/VE

Who Should Attend:

Anyone involved in the planning, design, or operation of a

product, service, or manufacturing process.

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amsup.com - 2-Day Workshop on Value Analysis/Value Engineering

Features & Benefits:

● Discover how value can be defined and quantified

● See how to recognize and describe your product in
client terms
● Find out how you can actively involve the supply
chain in production
● Complete a value analysis exercise on a common
product and see how the VA/VE process works

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