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Survey Project ask 500 people

Quiz 10

Ask 500 people survey report

Morgan G.Lovingood

Sowk 300

Tuskegee University

November 3, 2010
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The purpose of this paper is to show the results that come about during this survey. It will show you how
many people votes their different ages, gender, income and overall view on the topic. I will as well break
thing down in the show of a graph.
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In this survey I pose a question dealing with alcoholism in the community. I posted this survey
on a website called ask 500 people.com. With 62 day I receive over 50 voters that took my
survey. This was not just for males, or just for the females this was a survey that anyone of any
age could have taking that understood the define of alcoholism was able to take this topic. My
hypothesis for this survey would say that most men would not think that alcoholism is a disease
than women. For the most part men have a heavier drinking substance than women do.


My hypothesis for this survey is that most male would have the highest outcome for know and
say no to Alcoholism being a disease. I expect the women to know what it is and say yes to this
being a disease in our community.



Do you think alcoholism is a real diseases ?



64% 43 VotesYes 36% 24 VotesNo

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64% 9 VotesYes 36% 5 VotesNo

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56% 9 VotesYes 44% 7 VotesNo


69% 9 VotesYes 31% 4 VotesNo

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56% 9 VotesYes 44% 7 VotesNo


71% 12 VotesYes 29% 5 VotesNo

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Bivariate Graph 1

Do you think Alcoholism is a real disease?




In this graph it shows that most people who took the survey know that Alcoholism is a real
disease, with 64% of the vote being yes and 36% of the vote being no.
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Multivariate Graph 1





18 18-25 26-35 36-45 46-55 58-65 65

In this graph its show the relationship of the voters of the voters ages and gender. With males
having the most people that votes they seem to be the highest voting rate above women with
there voting rate at 3 voters.
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This survey was also informative because it me a chance to see what other thought about this
topic and helped inform the one that were not inform about the topic .I wish more people would
have taken the surveys so that I would have a better turnout, the response that I got will do just
find. The finding that he In my survey I have giving you and overview of the whole
questionnaire, I have broken it down by their age, gender, where they live, income, and by their
education. It shows you how many voters and the region that they voted in. You see that more
males said no to the questions because in my own belief men drink hard. They also hold their
feelings in more, so that would give them one reason to drink those problems always.