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racking No. P46627304 Last Status Date 20th oct'18

eference No. Last Status Successfully Delivered
ooking Date 19th oct'18    
Shipment Details
rigin Aurangabad Mh Destination Pune 411013
o. of pieces 1 Service Type Lite
ackage contents

Receiver Details
eceiver Name Ggf Relationship Relation Not Mentioned
hone email

Shipment Tracking History 

 Booked & Dispatch   In Transit   At Destination   Out for Delivery   Delivered

Date Activity Location

Sat,20th Oct'18|12:57 Hrs Successfully Delivered Hadapsar Road, Pune

Sat,20th Oct'18|10:39 Hrs Out For Delivery Hadapsar Road, Pune (MAGARPATTA)

Sat,20th Oct'18|09:11 Hrs Received At Facility Hadapsar Road, Pune

Sat,20th Oct'18|08:47 Hrs Received At Facility Hadapsar Road, Pune

Sat,20th Oct'18|04:43 Hrs Processed & Forwarded ToHub Pune Hub

Sat,20th Oct'18|02:07 Hrs Received At Hub Pune Hub

Fri,19th Oct'18|20:00 Hrs Processed & Forwarded ToFacility Aurangabad

Fri,19th Oct'18|19:32 Hrs Processed & Forwarded To Facility Aurangabad

Fri,19th Oct'18|19:32 Hrs Booked At Facility Aurangabad