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Last Update May 5th 2019 Offense Tier List (A Champion You Play)

★ = Large benefit from Awakened Ability - = Large benefit from High Signature Level - = Large benefit from Synergies - ⬆ = Needs fights to Ramp Up - ♂ = High Skill Required
Beyond God Tier (S) God Tier (A) High Demi-God Tier (B) Low Demi-God Tier (C) Pretty Useful Tier (D) Occasionally Useful Tier (E) Meme Tier (F)
Archangel ★ Iceman Wolverine ★ Rogue Storm ★ Cyclops (Both) ★ Deadpool X-Force ★
Domino Emma Frost Wolverine X-23 Bishop Psylocke ★ Gambit Colossus
Omega Red ★ Sabretooth ⬆ Mister Sinister ★ Dormammu Cable Magneto (Both) Unstoppable Colossus
Magik ‍♂ Havok Scarlet Witch ★ The Hood Nightcrawler Thor (Jane Foster) ★ Juggernaut
Symbiote Supreme Ghost Rider ★ Mephisto Guillotine Beast ★ Iron Fist ★ Falcon
Blade ★ Doctor Voodoo ★ ♂ Winter Soldier Korg Goldpool Mordo Daredevil (Netflix)
Aegon ★ ⬆ Morningstar ⬆ Masacre Taskmaster ★ ♂ Old Man Logan Dr. Strange ★ Superior Iron Man ★
Nick Fury ★ ♂ Gwenpool ★ Ronin ‍♂ Crossbones Loki Diablo ★ Venompool
Corvus Glaive ⬆ Night Thrasher ★ Killlmonger ★ Black Widow ★ Elektra Punisher Groot
Hyperion ★ Venom The Duck ⬆ Carnage Hawk Eye Daredevil (Classic) ★ Black Panther (Classic) ★ Howard The Duck
Medusa ★ Venom Hela ‍♂ Thor (Ragnarok) ★ Ms. Marvel ★ Moon Knight Iron Man ★
Spider-Man (Stark) ★ Proxima Midnight ★ ♂ Thor ★ Drax Captain Marvel ★ Kingpin War Machine
Ghost ‍♂ Captain Marvel Movie Angela Black Bolt ★ Phoenix Agent Venom Hulk Buster
Void ★ Star-Lord ★ Gamora Spider-Man Symbiote Ronan ★ Black Panther (Civil War) Iron Patriot
Captain America (IW) ★ Darkhawk ★ Doctor Octopus The Champion Kamala Khan ★ Karnak Spider-Man Miles Morales
Quake ‍♂ Sentinel ★ Vision (Both) ★ Heimdall Yondu King Groot ★ Rhino
Thing ‍♂ Iron Man (IW) ‍♂ Annihilus Green Goblin Thanos Joe Fixit
She Hulk Luke Cage Ultron Punisher 2099 Civil Warrior Abomination
Gladiator Hulk Wasp ‍♂ Nebula Red Skull Vulture
Red Hulk Ant-Man ★ Rocket Raccoon Captain America (Classic)
Spider-Gwen M.O.D.O.K Kang Spiderman (Classic)
Human Torch Sentry ★⬆ Captain America WW2
Hulk ★ Yellow Jacket
Electro ★
Best Unawakened Champions Ranked Dec 2018
This list is for OFFENCE (A Champion You Play) - NOT Defenders
Beyond God Tier God Tier High Demi-God Tier Low Demi-God Tier Pretty Useful Tier Occasionally Useful Tier Borderline Bench Tier
Domino Iceman Sabretooth Rogue Cable Storm Deadpool X-Force
Corvus Glaive Emma Frost Wolverine X-23 Bishop Psylocke Gambit Colossus
Magik Omega Red Masacre Wolverine Nightcrawler Magneto (Both) Cyclops (Both)
Spider-Man (Stark) Archangel Gwenpool Dormammu Beast Old Man Logan Thor (Jane Foster)
Ghost Ghost Rider Carnage The Hood Goldpool Mordo Unstoppable Colossus
Symbiote Supreme Hela Mephisto Guillotine Dr. Strange Juggernaut
Morningstar Heimdall Korg Loki Punisher Iron Fist
Blade Doctor Octopus Crossbones Doctor Voodoo Black Panther (Classic) Falcon
Killlmonger Vision (Both) Hawk Eye Scarlet Witch Moon Knight Daredevil (Netflix)
Venom The Duck Iron Man (IW) Aegon Taskmaster Kingpin Black Panther (Civil War)
Venom Sentinel Night Thrasher Elektra Agent Venom Superior Iron Man
Hyperion Wasp Drax Phoenix Karnak Venompool
Medusa Luke Cage Proxima Midnight Yondu Daredevil (Classic) Groot
Captain America (IW) Gladiator Hulk Angela Green Goblin Thor (Ragnarok) King Groot
Quake Red Hulk Spider-Man Symbiote Punisher 2099 Winter Soldier Kamala Khan
Void The Champion Red Skull Black Widow Howard The Duck
Ultron Rocket Raccoon Black Bolt Iron Man
Nebula M.O.D.O.K Ms. Marvel War Machine
Hulk Captain America WW2 Captain Marvel Hulk Buster
Yellow Jacket Thor Iron Patriot
Sentry Gamora Spider-Man Miles Morales
Ronan Rhino
Civil Warrior Joe Fixit
Vulture She Hulk
Kang Abomination
Star-Lord Ant-Man
Captain America (Classic)
Spiderman (Classic)
Spider Gwen
Science Mystic Tech Cosmic Mutant Skill
★ = Big benefit from being awakened = Big Benefits from High Sig Level = Big benefit Unique Synergy
Top Options
Void ★ Magik Spider-Man (Stark) Corvus Archangel ★ Blade ★
Captain America (IW) ★ Symbiote Supreme Ghost Hyperion Domino Aegon ★
Gladiator Hulk Ghost Rider ★ Star-Lord ★ Medusa ★ Omega Red ★ Gwenpool
Quake Scarlet Witch ★ Vision (Both) ★ Venom The Duck Iceman Killmonger
Luke Cage Doctor Voodoo ★ Sentinel Venom Emma Frost Winter Soldier
Red Hulk Morningstar Doctor Octopus Heimdall Sabretooth Masacre

Other Good Options

Wasp The Hood Iron Man (Infinity War) Proxima Midnight Wolverine X-23 Crossbones
Hulk ★ Mephisto Yondu Hela Wolverine Black Widow ★
Sentry ★ Dormammu The Champion Rogue Hawk Eye
Angela Thor Ragnarok ★
Carnage ★ Korg
Thor ★