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5/9/2019 Resume - Google Docs

915 W 19th St 

Mariaisabel Delgado  Merced, CA 95340 
(209) 355-6681 

● Phone calls  
● Paperwork 
College for kids, Merced CA  ● Organizing papers  
07/2017 to 07/17   ● Putting data in 
This was a community service program. I would go to Merced college every  ● Putting paper in files  
morning around 7 am till 4pm. I would make calls and check in students for  ● Counting money 
their classes. I would open the classroom doors and at the end go lock 
them. I would take students to their classes and pick up the students from 
the classroom that needed to come back to the o ce. Also would help with  AWARDS 
● Award for track 
paperwork and organizing them in the files and putting data on the  ● Chapter degree 
computer.   ● Greenhand degree 
● Showmanship award  
● GPA award  
● Attendance awards  

Merced high school, Merced — High school Diploma  LANGUAGES 

  Spanish and english  

I am a Merced high student who will be graduating in june of 2019. I am 
involved in different clubs and always have a positive attitude. I am in a 
sport which is track for 3 years. I am very organized, responsible and 
patient. I work with special needs students and that gave me a lot of 
experience how to work with them. I also help teachers with grading and 
putting grades in the gradebook. 

https://docs.google.com/document/d/1h2_ba7I72e26yVH8jNNEXxkbMwyUlxQN4lT9mCjdrws/edit# 1/1