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Advanced Engineering, Worldwide Facilities &

Comprehensive Technical Support

Sedimentation Equipment

EIMCO Process Equipment Company EIMCO® Thickeners

is an organization whose history and EIMCO is the world’s leading manufac-
development are inextricably linked turer of minerals-duty thickeners in ap-
with the evolution of twentieth century plications such as concentrate, tailings,
mining and minerals processing. Since preleach and CCD. With over a half
the early 1900s, EIMCO has pioneered century’s experience and thousands of
the development and deployment of installations, EIMCO Process engineers
new process technology and equipment, can assist in sizing and mechanism
producing products that have helped the selection for maximum economy and
mining industry steadily reduce its cost performance.
of production while maximizing
recovery efficiency. Thickener Types:
Today, EIMCO supports the extractive Bridge supported mechanism - for
basins to 53m (174 ft.) in diameter
industries with an unmatched combina- EIMCO® Thickener Drives
tion of advanced engineering, world- Column supported mechanism - EIMCO® thickener drives are the most
wide manufacturing facilities and com- for basins to 183m. (600 ft.) in durable and reliable units in the world.
prehensive technical support services. diameter. Includes conventional Great care in material selection and
center pier support as well as strict adherence to AGMA design
Advanced Engineering - EIMCO
caisson design with underflow guidelines result in longer gear life,
blends the latest CAD/CAM
pumps located within the caisson. higher usable torque and maximum
technologies with an intimate
understanding of process flowsheets Center drive and peripheral traction peak torque capacity.
and mill environments, producing drive designs are available.
EIMCO® Thickener Drives Feature:
mechanical systems that are productive, SwingLift TM (cable drive) -
for thixotropic slurries. Available to Worm and multi-stage spur gear
reliable and economical.
90m (300 ft.) diameter. designs with planetary intermediate
Worldwide Manufacturing - reducers
Hi-RateTM Thickener -
Manufacturing facilities are located Separate, precision four-point
in North and South America, Europe, Enhanced flocculation accelerates set-
tling. Higher flow and loading rates contact main bearings support the
Africa, and Australia.
reduce space requirements. Available main gear and protect against
Technical Support - Expert technical severe radial, overturning and
up to 125m. (420 ft.) diameter.
support specialists are available world- vertical loads
Metallurgical Reactor-Clarifier -
wide for process consultation, flow Steel main spur gears are
designed for high-efficiency clarifi-
sheet development, mechanism sizing, hardened prior to machining
cation of feed streams using me-
troubleshooting and new installation
chanical flocculation in the feedwell. All gears and bearings are oilbath
start-up assistance.
Rakeless (E-CATTM ) - clarifier- lubricated
Tankage and Erection Service - thickeners combine excellent Accurate torque control for reliable
In many parts of the world, complete clarification and high underflow overload protection
erection and construction management slurry density in a small footprint. Rake arm lift mechanisms available
services are available for containment
Delta-Stak® - Inclined Plate for all center driven thickeners
tanks and basins used with EIMCO®
Clarifiers give large clarification All pinion shafts are fully supported
sedimentation equipment.
area in a compact, low to ensure accurate alignment
maintenance tank. Standard torque capacities from
Deep ConeTM Paste Thickener 3,000 - 8,000,000 Nm
patented system to maximize (2,000-6,000,000 ft./lbs.) with
solids concentration for economic special designs available to
disposal and liquor recovery. 13,500,000 Nm (10,000,000 ft/lbs.).
High Density Paste Thickener for
high tonnage applications produc-
ing high solids concentration.

High Performance Sedimentation Equipment

E-CAT ™ Clarifier-Thickener
The EIMCO® E-CAT TM Clarifier-
Thickener streamlines liquid-solid
separation flowsheets by combining
optimized flocculation, high-rate clari-
fication and high-density thickening in
a single compact unit with no moving
parts. The E-CAT TM Clarifier’s deep
tank and steep compaction cone con-
centrate settled solids, while annular High Rate Thickeners
rows of clarifying cylinders aggregate
and remove fine suspended solids from
the overflow liquor. An internal cone/ EIMCO® Deep Cone ™ and
pipe system rapidly channels free water High-Density Paste Thickeners
to the feedwell for influent dilution. EIMCO® Deep ConeTM and High-Density
Sizes from 2m diameter x 7.7m height Paste Thickeners optimize flocculation
to 12m diameter x 16m height. and enhance settled solids compression
for maximum underflow slurry solids
and minimum thickener footprint. Deep
ConeTM units accommodate up to 20 E-DUC ® Feed Dilution System
times the solid mass flow and 10 times E-DUC ® feed dilution systems boost
the volumetric loading of conventional settling rates and dramatically reduce
thickeners. Their deep tank design polymer consumption by diluting
maximizes pulp concentration, and thickener feed slurry with clarified
produces uniform, non-segregating, supernatant. No pumps are required for
paste consistency underflow slurry. diluting liquor circulation and influent
Deep ConeTM Paste Thickening energy is utilized for polymer mixing,
Applications: eliminating all moving parts. The
improved settling efficiency reduces
Coarse or fine tails
overflow liquor solids, increases
CCD circuits - superior washing
underflow slurry density, and reduces
Base metals polymer consumption by up to 60
Phosphate slimes percent. Retrofits available for most
Diamond slimes conventional thickeners.
Uranium tails
Surface stacking and water recovery
E-CAT Clarifier Design Features Operating Advantages
No moving parts Lower capital cost
Lower energy consumption
Reduced maintenance
Smaller surface area than Reduced capital and installation
conventional thickeners expense
Self-diluting feedwell Optimal flocculant utilization
No external flocculant dilution pumps
Excellent overflow clarity Effluent re-use
Lower ponding area requirements
Dense underflow Reduced filtration equip. downstream
Reduced handling volume
Increased CCD efficiency

® ™
WEMCO SmartCell Flotation Machines

The SmartCell™ flotation machine

combines the proven WEMCO® flotation
mechanism with cylindrical cells to
optimize energy input, aeration, and
mixing. This configuration reduces
pulp turbulence and improves froth
stability. Additional standard features
include a hybrid draft tube, beveled
cell bottom, froth crowder, mixing
baffles, and radial launders.
Since the introduction of the SmartCell™
Flotation Machine in early 1996, most
major base metal flotation developments
have selected WEMCO® SmartCell™

Ambient Air


Semi- Mechanism
Feed Box Froth
Cylindrical Tank Design Launder
Disperser Single
Improves mixing efficiency and Hood Concentrate
air dispersion Disperser Mixing
Rotor Baffle
Better surface stability and less
pulp turbulence
Lower capital costs

Hybrid Draft Tube & Beveled Tank

Improves hydrodynamic mixing Tails
Increases solids suspension Tank Bevels

Improves coarse particle recovery Hybrid Draft False

Tube Bottom

Radial Launder & Mixing Baffles

Increases froth mobility
Decreases froth residence time
Increases recovery

Process Control

Pyramid™ Columns Sparger & Design KnowledgeScape


EIMCO’s latest generation column

flotation sparger system, the RateMax® Control Software
supersonic sparger system provides in- KnowledgeScape® process control soft-
credible opportunities to both improve ware allows engineers to maximize the
performance and increase operational economic gain of virtually any process-
flexibility as well as decrease mainte- ing or manufacturing operation.
nance requirements. The exit velocity of KnowledgeScape® software is the first
the gas leaving a RateMax® nozzle is real-time optimization system that actu-
Pyramid ™ Flotation Columns about 50% greater than a standard col- ally learns process dynamics and adjusts
Pyramid TM flotation columns deliver high umn sparger nozzle, which translates
process setpoints to achieve a true opti-
recoveries and grades, reduce reagent into smaller bubbles being formed. The
mal operating regime. This is the first
consumption, decrease maintenance net result is that the bubble surface area
expert system operating shell ever to
costs and lower capital expense. The flux rate, Sb, is as much as 50% higher
cohesively integrate several different
keys to success are as follows: than traditional sparger designs. Some
artificial technologies in a common
of the features and benefits of the
Design: First and foremost, the appropri- wrapper. The KnowledgeScape® soft-
RateMax® sparger include a simple, ro-
ate number, size and layouts of flotation ware has met with huge successes as a
bust design constructed of wear and
columns is accomplished by applying result of the unique synergy created by
chemical resistant ceramics, easy on-line
the critical design parameters and work- maintenance of the system and the abil- combining such tools as fuzzy logic,
ing with our customers to optimize the ity to easily retrofit any column installa- neural networks and genetic algorithms.
layout of the system. EIMCO’s high tion. Combined with our ACDSM (Auto- Installations worldwide have experi-
level of experience can guide our cus- mated Column Designer), engineering enced large productivity increases and
tomers through this step. and design services, EIMCO has a almost immediate return on investment.
potent combination of both technology The KnowledgeScape® software is avail-
and tools to assist any user of column able as a retrofit system for controlling
flotation technology. individual unit operations or for plant-
wide optimization. All EIMCO equip-
WEMCO® Agitair ® Flotation Cells ment can be provided with embedded
Agitair® flotation cells offer fine process KnowledgeScape® intelligence for opti-
control through low-pressure forced aer- mized control.
Sparger Selection: For the “heart” of ation with individual valves controlling
the column, EIMCO Process offers the air supply to each bank and cell. Mixing
RateMax® supersonic sparger system and air diffusion are achieved through
which is designed for maximum the use of hollow-shaft impellers and
operational flexibility and minimum floor-mounted stabilizer. Several impel-
ler and stabilizer configurations are
available to accommodate various cell
Operation: Proper feed conditioning and and process requirements. Agitair®
selection of column flotation operating cells provide excellent performance
parameters such as froth depth, aeration in cleaner circuits.
rate and washwater flow rate can make
Cell Sizes: 1 - 14m3 (40 - 500 ft3)
or break a column installation.
Benefits of PyramidTM Columns:
Improve hydrodynamic conditions
for improved flotation separation
Wear-resistant sparger nozzles
On-line sparger maintenance —
No down time!
Reduced capital costs


EIMCOMet Filter Sizes
Drum diameter: 1 - 3m (3 - 10 ft.)
Drum length: 0.3 - 4.2m (1 - 14 ft.)
Filtration area: 0.9 - 39m2(9.4 - 420 ft2)
EIMCO® Extractor ®
Horizontal Belt Filters
EIMCO Extractor ® horizontal belt
vacuum filters are versatile, high-
production machines that utilize both
gravity and vacuum forces for rapid
separation of liquids from coarse solids.
Multiple wash zones of adjustable
size can be arranged in co-current or
counter-current fashion, making the
EIMCO® Extractor® HBF filter an ideal
choice for cake washing applications.
Top feed and an extended cake drying
zone accommodate fast settling solids
and low cake moisture requirements.
EIMCO ® Drum Filters Drum Filter Sizes:
EIMCO ® rotary vacuum filters provide Drum diameter: 1 - 4m (3 - 13.5 ft.) EIMCO Extractor ® Filters Feature:
efficient, continuous filtration with the Choice of drainage belt carcass and
Drum length: 1 - 11m (3 - 36 ft.)
flexibility to handle dewatering, cake elastomer materials to match process
washing or clarification. Their ability Filtration area: 1 - 140m2 (9 - 1500 ft2) demands. Support carcass is fully
to accommodate maximum hydraulic encapsulated for protection from
EIMCOMET ™ Molded process liquids.
flows and a wide range of cycle times
Thermoplastic Drum Filters
allows optimum cake formation in many Trapezoidal, flexible, or static belt
different slurries. EIMCOMet TM filters provide dependable edge flanges available.
vacuum filtration in corrosive
EIMCO ® Drum Filters Feature: Air deck support and traveling wear
applications such as those found in many
belt available in larger filter sizes.
Rigid box and gusset drum molybdenum and rare earth circuits -
construction with unitized end plates at a substantially lower price than Diamond design vacuum pan for
and machined annular internal filters constructed of exotic metals. high hydraulic flow, low pressure
support rings to ensure structural All components that contact corrosive drop. Lowering system provides
integrity and drum roundness. agents are molded thermoplastic or FRP. easy access.
Five available discharge
arrangements: scraper, roll,
EIMCOBELT®, string or precoat.
Cast Hy-Flow TM filter valve with
smooth internal contours and large
diameter ports for minimal
pressure drop.
Large diameter internal piping
for high flow volume, minimal
pressure drop.
Deep deck sections with poly-
propylene grid cloth supports.
Wide choice of materials including
mild steel, rubber-covered steel,
stainless steel, and exotic metals.

EIMCO® Extractor ® Filter Sizes
and Capacities:
Filtration area: 1 - 150m2
(10 - 1600 ft2)
Processing Rates: 50 - 2500 Kg/hr/m2
(10 - 500 lbs/hr/ft2)
Belt Speeds: Variable to 1 mps
(200 ft/min)

EIMCO® Agidisc™ Filters

Agidisc TM filters provide compact, low-
cost, high volume production where
large filtration areas are required. They
are particularly effective in filtering fast-
settling solids that do not require cake
washing. Ideal applications include iron
ore, coal cleaning and alumina hydrate.

Agidisc™ Filters Feature: EIMCO® AFP IV™ Filters Feature:

AFP IV™ Automated Filter
Heavy duty tank with external steel TM
The AFP IV Filter design provides a 15 bar operating pressure
frame. Rubber lining available
simple, rugged and reliable solution to Hydra-Shift TM Plate Shifter
Hy-FlowTM filter valve accommodates
the special problems associated with
maximum hydraulic and pneumatic PLC Control
minerals processes. These filters not
flows with minimum pressure drop
only provide high throughput and Automatic lubrication
Durable molded plastic sectors efficient solids capture, but they also
Automatic drip trays
Agidisc™ Filter Sizes: operate continuously, automatically,
in harsh environments, and can handle Automatic shaker
Number of discs: 1 to 15
abrasive or corrosive slurries. When Automatic flood washer
Disc diameters: 1.2 - 3.8m coupled with simple systems and
(4'0" - 12'6") EIMCO operating philosophies, 10-25 minute cycle times typical
2 operating costs are maintained at
Filtration areas: 2 - 300m Double-ended feed
(22 - 3300 ft2) the lowest levels in the industry.
Available up to 120 Chambers
Quick Open/Close Plate Options
1200, 1500, 2000 mm plates in
polypropylene or cast iron
Lower operating costs
Recessed plates standard
Membrane plates optional
Special materials


EIMCO® Belt Press Filters

EIMCO® Belt Press Filters effectively
combine long gravity drainage and
wedge sections with decreasing diameter
compression rolls, each one wrappped
over a long arc to maximize retention
time under pressure. This results in
higher throughputs and lower cake
moistures. Fine coal or tailings can be
efficiently dewatered for dry stacking.
EIMCO® filters accommodate feed
material from 0.5 - 0mm (30 - 0 mesh)
in size.

Belt Press Sizes & Capacities:

Belt widths: 1.0 - 2.6m (3 - 8.5 ft.)
Capacities: to 30 metric or 33 short

EIMCO® Vertical Leaf EIMCO® Vertical Pressure Filters feature:

Pressure Filters Quick release internal filtrate spigot
The EIMCO® VPF is connections
an automatic, self- Bottom leaf guides to prevent filter
sluicing pressure filter cloth wear or damage
developed specifically
Three filtration areas in one standard
for Bayer liquor
vessel size: 375, 415, and 440m2
filtration in alumina
processing. It features
a top-opening standard
pressure vessel with
swing bolt flange and
O-ring seal, discharge
cone and vertically
mounted filter leaves.
Operation is fully
automatic with cake
discharge achieved by
sequential leaf sluicing
that minimizes liquor
consumption and
eliminates discharge
cone blockage.

Liquid and Liquid Separation

subsequent treatment processes such as

glass sand preparation and flotation.
Powerful attrition action is created by
particles abrading against each other in
a thick, high-density pulp as it moves
through a series of octagonal cells. Each
cell is equipped with a separate motor
driven impeller with three sets of
alternating pitch blades. The resulting
for effective
Cast alloy,
WEMCO® Pacesetter® Granular Media Filters Ni-hard or
Oil/Water Separators EIMCO manufactures pressure and rubber
The WEMCO® Pacesetter ® oil/water gravity feed granular media filters for covered
separator has become the standard in minerals applications such as pregnant paddles and
SX-EW applications for separating aque- solution filtration in SX/EW circuits. All abrasion-resistant steel or rubber-covered
ous and organic streams. The Pacesetter® filters use Flexscour® underdrains, which steel tank liners limit wear and
separator uses a unique, two-stage pro- have been designed for efficient media maintenance.
cess to effectively recover entrained utilization and uniform distribution Cell sizes: 0.20 - 5.7m3 (8 - 200ft3)
organic from either raffinate or electro- of simultaneous air scour and water
lyte or to remove entrained aqueous backwashes for effective bed cleaning. Classifiers
from organic streams. First, influent Flexscour® laterals are partitioned to WEMCO® Spiral Classifiers provide
energy is diffused by a coalescer pack separate air and water flows, allowing continuous wet classification, washing,
causing small droplets to collide and the underdrain to be cleaned in place by dewatering or desliming. Fines and low-
form larger ones. This is followed by a internally circulating high temperature density materials overflow the tank weir
separator pack that provides separate wash water. All underdrain components while coarse, fast-settling particles are
surfaces and flow paths for aqueous are manufactured of stainless steel removed and dewatered by the turning
and organic streams thus preventing for a completely corrosion-resistant spiral. Large diameter tubular shafts and
re-entrainment. The packs are inclined installation. short, cast flight arms carry heavy loads
at 60 degrees to enhance solids removal. Pressure vessels are fabricated to ASME with minimal deflection. A simple lifting
The WEMCO® Pacesetter® oil/water sep- code VIII. Filter vessels are available in device permits easy start-up after shut-
arator is designed to handle a wide vari- full stainless steel construction. Gravity down or power interruption. Replaceable
ety of influent entrainment concentra- feed filters are also available in FRP wear shoes and tank liners simplify
tions as well as upset conditions and construction. EIMCO® filters are avail- maintenance and ensure long service life.
crud runs. able in complete shop-fabricated, skid- Specifications
Pacesetter® oil/water separators are engi- mounted modules with all required in-
Spiral diameters: 300 - 2500 mm
neered in a range of sizes and can be strumentation and controls.
(12 - 100 in.)
supplied in a variety of materials of
construction such as stainless steels or Scrubbers / Classifiers Tank lengths: 1.8 - 14.6m (6 - 48 ft.)
FRP. Start-up and operation are simple Wear materials: Ni-Hard, rubber,
and reliable with little operator attention Attrition Machines urethane
and maintenance required. WEMCO® Attrition Machines provide
particle surface preparation, cleaning and
desliming to improve productivity of

Heavy Media Separation

WEMCO® Dense Media Cyclones

WEMCO® Cyclones provide high-tonnage separation in a
compact footprint for smaller feed particle sizes in the
0.5 - 50mm range. Cast Ni-hard or high chrome steel
construction minimizes abrasive wear, and easily replace-
able sections reduce maintenance expense. An available
WEMCO® HMS Drum Separators automatic density control system provides precise cut
WEMCO® HMS Drum Separators perform gravimetric solid- control to (plus/minus) 0.01 SG units.
solid separations using a separating medium whose specific Sizes: 350 - 700mm diameter
gravity lies between those of the substances to be separated. Treatment rates: to 250 tph
Sharp separations are achieved in the specific gravity range
of 1.25 - 3.8, at feed capacities of up to 820 metric or 900 short WEMCO® HMS Systems
tons per hour. WEMCO® Drum Separators are designed to Standardized Mobil-Mill systems are available with
handle abrasive materials in the size range between 6 - 300 mm WEMCO® Drum, Cone or Cyclone separators. All systems
(1/4" - 12"). Single and dual gravity machines are available, incorporate feed preparation, separation, product drainage,
designed for low maintenance and service lifetimes of 15 washing and dewatering, media reclamation, storage and return.
years or more. All phases are semi-automated or controlled from a single
Capacities: to 820 metric or 900 short tons/hour. control panel. EIMCO water clarification and fines pressing
circuits are available to suit. Capacities: to 800 metric or
WEMCO® HMS Cone Separators 900 short tons/hour.
WEMCO® Cone Separators handle separations where only
slight gravimetric differences exist between sink and float
product, and where retention time is critical. Ample area-volume
ratio permits sharp separations at high capacities, in feed particle
sizes from 1.5 - 75mm (10 mesh - 3").

EIMCO Separation and Treatment Equipment

Aeration Systems / Biological Processes Granular Media Filtration Systems

EIMCO® Low-Speed Surface Aerators FLEXSCOUR® Stainless Steel Underdrain
Propulsair aerators POLYKLEEN™ Underdrain System
EIMCO® Carrousel® System CASTKLEEN® Underdrain System
BARDENPHO® Process Gravity & Pressure Filters
Advent AIS System Low-Head Filters
Rotary Distributors Grit Removal Systems
Anaerobic Digestion Systems Center-Raked Gravity Separators
EIMCO® Digester Covers Aerated Grit Chambers
EIMCO® Hydroseal® Digester Covers Grit Washer-Classifiers
EIMIX ® Mechanical Sludge Mixers Pressure Filtration - Dewatering Systems
Clarifiers SHRIVER® Filter Presses
EIMCO® Center-Raked Circular Clarifiers EIMCO® AFP IV™ Automated Filters
EIMCO® Flocculating Clarifiers EIMCO® CLARI-DISC® Filters
EIMCO® Solids-Contact Clarifiers EIMCO® Vertical Leaf Pressure Filters
E-CAT™ Clarifier-Thickeners EIMCO® Belt Press Filters
EIMCO® Clarifier Drives Process Control Systems
TRAC-VAC® Pneumatic Sludge Collectors KNOWLEDGESCAPE® Adaptive Optimizing Software
DELTA-STAK® Laminar Flow Clarifiers
FLEXKLEAR™ Laminar Flow Settlers
Center-Drive Circular Thickeners
Classifiers Peripheral Drive Circular Thickeners
WEMCO® Spiral Classifiers Hi-Rate™ Drive Thickeners
Dense Media Separation Systems E-CAT™ Thickener-Clarifiers
WEMCO® Drum Separators EIMCO® Deep Cone™ Paste Discharge Thickeners
WEMCO® Cyclone Separators EIMCO® Swing Lift Thickeners
WEMCO® Modular Separation Plants EIMCO® Thickener Drives
Flocculation & Mixing Systems Vacuum Filtration Systems
EIMCO® Flash Mixers EIMCO® Rotary Drum Filters
EIMCO® Vertical Turbine Mixers EIMCOMET™ Thermoplastic Drum Filters
EIMCO® Paddle Flocculators EIMCO® Extractor Horizontal Belt Filters
FLOCSILLATOR® Oscillating Mixers EIMCO® Traveling Belt Filters
Flotation Systems - Minerals Separation EIMCO AGIDISC™ Filters
WEMCO® 1+1® Cells
WEMCO® SmartCells™
PYRAMID™ Flotation Columns
WEMCO® Agitair® cells
WEMCO® Attrition machines

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