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There are several things I would do differently if I were to submit the Networking Opportunity
Presentation again. To begin with, I would dress more professionally for the pitch, especially
since it was sent to the person I had networked with. I didn’t realize how laid back I looked until
after I had already recorded and sent the video in, and I also didn’t realize how distracting it was,
especially since I professionally presented my slides and sent it to the person I networked with.
Luckily, the person I networked with was a fairly laid-back person himself, but I still should
have taken the initiative to look more professional in an effort to be taken more seriously and for
the viewer to understand the levity of the situation.

I would also film myself in a more professional setting. I thought I had done a better job this time
because while still in my bedroom, I had changed the angle, so it captured only my window and
a portion of my bed. However, even that angle was clearly distracting for the viewer. Combined
with my dress, it contributed to an overall informal atmosphere to the vlog. When viewers
believe something is informal, they don’t pay as much attention to it as they should, especially
not to the content, and may believe that the content is not actually important. However, what I
was discussing was actually a serious topic and with the background being unprofessional, it
detracted from the overall presentation, which was not my intent.

Additionally, I would work on my script and flow of the presentation, as well as work on
smoothing out the transitions. There were times I lost my train of thought, as well as times when
the presentation seemed to jump around or not necessarily follow what was happening on the
slides. If I were to resubmit, I would ensure that the entire presentation went off without a hitch
and made sense to the viewer who was watching. Whilst trying to follow the rubric, I structured
the presentation in a way that may not have necessarily made sense to a viewer who had no
knowledge about the assignment, which is unfortunate as every vlog should be clear to any
outside viewer that would choose to watch it.

Finally, if I were to do this assignment again, I would also work on speaking in a calmer, more
articulate manner. At times, I found myself stuttering, or even worse, speaking very fast in order
to try and get all the information out there and because I was excited about the topic. However,
to an outside viewer, this can be very overwhelming and not come off as passionate, but instead
as rushed. It also detracts from the content and instead of understanding all the information, the
viewer becomes closed off and retains none of the important messaging I was trying to get
across. It also sounds unprofessional, which is especially unfortunate combined with the other
informal elements of the vlog. I would definitely work on putting together a script for myself and
articulating in a better manner so as to keep the viewer engaged and the message coherent.