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Lesson plan

Date: 9th of May 2019

Teacher: Drăgan Ionela Lia
School: Școala Gimnazială “Dr. Ion Sîrbu” Eftimie Murgu
Grade: 5th
Textbook: Limba modern 1 – Limba engleză: clasa a V-a/ Clare Kennedy, Chiara Soldi,
Cristina Rusu, Diana Todoran, București, editura Art, 2018
Topic: Focus on…British Sports
Language skills: all
Classroom organization: T-Ss, pairs
Aids: Textbook, whiteboard, notebooks, handouts, laptop, CD
Aims: At the end of the lesson, the students will be able:
1. To understand the text only by listening;
2. To be able to read the text correctly;
3. To use the new information in sentences;
4. To use “why”and “because” in a dialogue.

Stage Activity Timing

1. Lead-in Teacher greets the students and asks how they are 4’
feeling. She checks the absents and corrects the
Teacher writes on the board the following words:
players, team, ball, run, matches, tournament, tickets,
captain. Students have to guess what the lesson is
going to be about. If they have problems, teacher will
add some words: hockey, cricket, rugby, netball.
2.Presentation Teacher announces that today they are learning about 6’
and Listening British sports and writes down the title of the lesson:
Focus on… British sports. Students write the lesson’s
title on their notebooks. Teacher tells students to take
a look at the part named “Glossary” to understand the
meaning of some words from the text. If they know the
meaning, they won’t write it down, but if they don’t ,
they will have to write the new word in order to
understand what the text is about. Students close the
books. Teacher plays the CD with the text and
students listen.
3. Reading Teacher checks how much students understood from 10’
the lesson and asks them to read the text. Teacher
names the students who need to read and explains
the new words writing their meaning on the board. If
it’s necessary, teacher will correct the students’
4. Practicing Teacher asks students to take a look at exercise 1 20’
the from page 106. They have to complete one table with
vocabulary information about sports taken from the text. One
student will write the exercise on the board. At the
same page, there is exercise 2, where they ave to
complete the sentences with names of sports. For not
wasting the time, students will receive a handout and
students have only to complete with the correct sport.
Teacher plays the CD with an interview between two
characters. Before listening, teacher explains to
students that they have to complete one table with
information about the characters. Students copy the
table in their notebooks and then listen carefully.
Teacher checks the answers. If there are improper
answers, teacher will play the CD again emphasizing
importants parts in order to be easier for students.
At study tip, students learn how to use “why” and
“because”. “Why” is used in questions and “because”
in used in answers to show reason. Teacher writes
the rules and some examples on the board: “I like/
don’t like football. Why do/don’t you like it? Because
it’s exciting/ fun/ boring.
5. Review For checking the knowledge of students, teacher asks 8’
them to work in pairs and interview each other
completing the diagram from exercise 4, page 107.
They have to give reasons for their answers using the
adjectives in the box. In the interview, they must use
“why” and “because”.
6. Homework Students have to write a short text about their partners 2’
using the information from the previous exercise.
Remember to use linking words (and, so, but,
because) to give reasons. Example: James plays
American football because it’s fast and exciting, but
he doesn’t play volleyball.
Anexa 1

1/106 . Read and listen to the text then complete the table:

Rugby Hockey Cricket Netball

No. of players

3/106. Listen to the interview with Lisa and Sam and complete the table:

Main sport How often he/she plays Other sports


4/107. In pairs, interview each other and complete the diagram. Give reasons for
your answers using the following adjectives: fun, exciting, boring, interesting,
fast, slow, enjoyable, dangerous, good for you.

1. play football Yes/No Reason: _______________________

2. play volleyball Yes/No Reason: _______________________
3. go ice-skating Yes/No Reason: _______________________
4. go running Yes/No Reason: _______________________
5. do karate Yes/No Reason: _______________________
6. do athletics Yes/ No Reason: _______________________
2/106. Read the text again and complete the sentences with names of sports:

1. ____________ is also the name of an English town.

2. ____________ is very popular with girls.
3. Some ____________ matches are very long.
4. Teams from six countries play in a famous ____________ tournament.
5. In ____________ players hit a ball with a stick.
6. Players hit a ball with a bat in ____________.