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Lesson plan

Date: 4th of April 2019

Teacher: Drăgan Ionela Lia
School: Școala Gimnazială „Dr. Ion Sîrbu” Eftimie Murgu
Grade: 5th A
Textbook: Limba modernă 1 – Limba engleză: clasa a V-a/ Clare Kennedy, Chiara
Soldi, Cristina Rusu, Diana Todoran, București, Editura Art, 2018
Topic: A day out in London
Language skills: all
Classroom organization: T-Ss, Ss-Ss, pairs
Aids: textbook, whitebord, notebooks
Aims: At the end of the lesson, the students will be able to:
- To know information about London;
- To increase the listening;
- To use new vocabularu words in their own sentences;
- To present their own village.

Stage Activity Timing

1. Lead-in The teacher greets the students and asks them how they 7’
are feeling. She checks the absents and the homework,
correcting the mistakes.
Teacher starts drawing a picture with the Tower Bridge
from London, but only one line of it. Students have to
guess what it is. Teacher adds the next line and keep
doing this until a students guesses the picture or the
lesson topic.

2. Elicitation Teacher asks students what famous buildings or 5’

interesting things do they know about London, teacher
helps them with different kinds of questions.

3.Presentation Teacher announces students that today they are learning 2’

about interesting things from London and writes the title on
the board: A day out in London. Students write the title in
their notebooks and open the books at page 92.

4. Reading Teacher plays the CD with the text. Students listen 23’
and listening carefully. Teacher explains the meaning of the new words
and write them on the board. Students write them in their
notebooks. Teacher names many students to read the
lesson. They have to complete some sentences with
information taken from the text (ex. 2, page 92). Teacher
corrects them if it is necessary. Teacher plays again the
CD. Students have to listen to an interview between 3
characters and write in their notebooks what activities the
characters do (ex.3, page 92). Teacher supervises them.

5. Practicing Students work in pairs. They ask questions to find out 10’
the vocabulary which of the activities in the previous exercise they do in
summer. They explain how often they do them or why they
don’t do them at all.

6. Homework Students have to invite their pen pal to visit their village. 3’
They have to write a mail to her/him mentioning three
tourist attractions.

Ex.2, page 92
Read the text again and complete the sentences with 1,2 and 3.
1. On Day out____ you see some interesting old buildings.
2. On Day out____ you have lunch in a park.
3. On Day out ____ you paint a picture.
4. On Day out ____ you listen to music.
5. On Day out ____ you travel on the river.
6. On Day out ____ you learn about street art.

Ex.3, page 92
Listen to the interview with Grace (G), Daniel (D) and Jess (J). Write the
corresponding letter next to the activity they do.
1. ____ go shopping
2. ____ go to the swimming pool
3. ____ go to the park
4. ____ go for an ice cream
5. ____ go to the skate park
6. ____ go for a bike ride.