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Lesson 1: Vowel Pairs: ai, ay Write It! Read the words that contain ai or ay in the box below. Then writs the word that best completes each sentence. ir delayed ised displayed fones| pel’ ithdy compl ces i [0 The Pennsylvania Assembly the services of a bell maker in london, ordering the Liberty Bell in 1751 Ed People were —___ when the bell cracked the first time it was sounded on March 10, 1753. The use of the bell was crack El Two Philadelphia foundry workers were ————— melt down and remake the bell Ei The new bell wos —_—_________ on March 29, 1753 __ qbout the sound of the bell, so it was remade, ___ when the bell was recast to remove the about 36 pounds fo El This time people —_____— The liberty Bell has the quotation “______— land unto all the inhabitants thereof.” Ed Wien the British occupied Pennsylvania in 1 _ under the floor of a church exist about when and how the next crack first _____ liberty throughout all the 777, the bell was removed and hidden EE Mony different —_____—— appeared. [DD The crack expanded to the extent that the bell was unringable on Washington's ____ in 1846. EE The liberty Bell is Liberty Bell Pavilion in Philadelphia in the BD The liberty Bell ___ a primary symbol of freedom for the United States. On-Track Fact On the Liberty Bell, the word Pennsylvania is inscribed as Pensylvania because the modern spelling of the state had not been adopted at that time. 30 Unit 2: Vowel Sounds Nome. Lesson 2: Vowel Pairs: ea, ei, ey we WAIl-STAR Readers Know The vowel pairs ea, ei, and ey often stand for the /a/ sound, as in the words great, weight, and they. Fined If! Read the words in each row. Underline the word in each row that has the /a/ sound. 1D whey bread sea read servi heen Bi ceiling chead monkey reindeer El dead freighter either jockey ED seize read obey neither EF steak steam thread steal GF teach eighth protein galley ioe gone Ed ceive spread money neighbor Sav ie I wont a real EF journey replied survey cornbread Write Bt! Read the words in the box below. Then write the word that best completes each sentence. they disobeyed prey breaking reigned plainly complaint ED King George I! ___— _ in England during the American Revolution. [Dy The colonists —_________. many tax laws enacted by England. [I Many of the colonists stated they would not swear allegiance to the king: [BD the British soldiers fell __________— to the minutemen who were ready to fight at a moment’s notice. [Bi The Revolutionary soldiers had to bear hardships without [Zl When members of the Second Continental Congress met, declared independence from England [Ei Not every colonist was in favor of away from England. Unit 2: Vowel Sounds 31