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1. Answer in English.

2. Number of words : 2500 – 3000 words excluding references.

3. Submit your assignment ONCE only in a SINGLE file.

4. You must submit your assignment to your FACE TO FACE TUTOR.

5. Submission date : 26th July 2019 until 28th July 2019

6. This assignment accounts for 20% of the total marks for the course.



The purpose of this assignment is to develop the learners’ ability in applying specific skills and
strategies that are required in an oral presentation.

Motivation among staff in any organization is very crucial and it is one of the driving factors
that leads people to work harder and to be more productive for the growth of the

As a head of your department, you believe that motivation is the most important contributing
factor to overall satisfaction, which leads to higher employee retention. Therefore, you are
planning to give a talk to all staff in your department to keep them motivated throughout
their employment.

Knowing that instilling motivation is not an easy task, try to be creative by applying multiple
strategies to reach each individual as everyone is unique with their own values and ideas.
Here are the guidelines to help you in writing the speech:

a. Write a suitable title of your speech;

b. Give specific details to explain the facts and your views.
You can use your personal observations, experience, and knowledge. Make sure that
the speech (content and expressions) is appropriate to the audience; and
c. Write your speech between 1500-2000 words (excluding references).
Each point should be elaborated with significant facts and examples.

Correct format of speech must be applied in this writing. Bibliographic details must be in
accordance with the correct APA format and recent (references between 2010 -2019). Refer
to the assignment rubrics as a guide to achieve cohesion and coherence.

[Total: 20 marks]

Unsatisfactory Or No
Excellent Good Fair Poor
response Max
Criteria Weight Marks
4 3 2 1 0
Introduction 0.5 There is no There is no clear The introduction states The introduction clearly The introduction is 2
introduction. introduction of the main the main topic, but states the main topic inviting, states the main
topic or structure of the does not adequately and previews the topic and previews the
speech. preview the structure structure of the speech, structure of the speech.
of the speech nor is it but is not particularly
particularly inviting to inviting to the reader.
the reader.
Body of Speech / 2.5 Main ideas in all The main ideas in all One of the paragraphs Main ideas of both There is one clear, well- 10
Referencing paragraphs are paragraphs are not clear. has a clear main idea. paragraphs are clear. focused topic. Main
inappropriate and There is a strong evidence Only some supporting Most supporting details idea stands out and is
irrelevant. of plagiarism. Bibliography details are appropriate are appropriate and supported by detailed
Writing is generally writing does not follow the and relevant. Some of relevant. Most outside information. All outside
plagiarized. No APA format and outdated. the outside sources are sources are recent and sources are recent, very
bibliography. not recent and not properly cited/ relevant and properly
cited/ referenced referenced but cited/ referenced.
properly. Some of the bibliography writing Bibliography writing is
bibliography writing does not completely written in the correct
does not follow the follow the APA format. APA format.
APA style.

Conclusion 0.5 There is no There is no clear The conclusion is The conclusion is The conclusion is strong 2
conclusion. conclusion, the speech just recognizable, but does recognizable and gives and leaves the reader
ends. not effectively close closure to the speech. with a feeling that they
the speech. understand what the
writer is "getting at."

Cohesion / Coherence 0.75 Writing is confusing Writing contains major There are attempts to use There are clear attempts Details are placed in a 3
and has a lot of mistakes in the use of cohesive devices but to use cohesive devices logical order and the
gaps. No or limited cohesive devices that writing lacks direction to link details but in one way they are presented
number of cohesive affected general that affected reader’s or two places, writing effectively keeps the
devices used to understanding. comprehension. appears incoherent. interest of the reader.
Language / Grammar 0.75 Writing is generally Writer makes a lot of Writer makes some Writer makes minimal Writer makes no errors 3
incomprehensible errors in grammar, errors in grammar, errors in grammar, in grammar or spelling
due to grammar, structure or spelling that structure, or spelling that structure and spelling that distracts the
structures and affects reader’s affects reader’s that does not affect reader from the
spelling mistakes. comprehension. The understanding. reader’s understanding. content. The choices of
Language used is not choices of words are very Some of the words used The choices of words are words are very
suitable for a formal poor and not appropriate are not appropriate and mostly appropriate and appropriate and
speech and targeted for a formal speech and not suitable for a formal suitable for a formal suitable for a formal
audience. targeted audience. speech and targeted speech and targeted speech and targeted
audience. audience. audience.
Total 5 20