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Customer/User Profile:

Create Dataset- It is a function or a process in which dataset of a person is created and it clicks
60 images of a person at a single point of time. It clicks 60 images to capture every part or angle
of your face.
Train Dataset- This process takes place after creating dataset. In this we train our system in such
a way that after clicking those images it match that data with the data which is present in our
system, if the data match then the attendance is marked.
Recognising + Data- After matching the data attendance is marked in the excel sheet and the
user can see it’s attendance details in excel file.
Attendance Sheet- This sheet shows user's attendance with details like time and date when the
attendance is marked.
Developers- Here the user can see the details of developers who created the system and the
information about the system

Requirements and Analysis:

This stage will discuss the various tools that are used to achieve the project goals and

Functional Requirements:
Functional requirements are features that the system will need in order to deliver or operate. In
the case of this project , it was important to gather some requirements that will be needed to
achieve the objectives set out previously. With client (user) story a use case analysis was
implemented which resulted in the following functional and non-functional requirements were
captured. Capture face images via webcam or external USB camera.
 A professional HD Camera
 Faces on an image must be detected.
 The faces must be detected in bounding boxes.
 Compute the total attendance based on detected faces.
 Crop the total number of faces detected.
 Resize the cropped faces to match faces the size required for recognition.
 Store the cropped faces to a folder.
 Load faces on database.
 Train faces for recognition.
 Perform recognition for faces stored on database
 Compute recognition rate of the system
 Perform recognition one after the other for each face cropped by Face Detector.
 Display the input image alongside output image side by side on the same

Non-Functional Requirements:
Non-functional requirements are set of requirements with specific criteria to judge the
systems operation.. They cover ease of use to the client, security, support availability,
operational speed, and implementation considerations. More specifically:

 The user will find it very convenient to take photos.

 The user will inform the students when taking a photo with clear instructions on
how to position their faces.
 The system is very secure.
 The system will have a response time of 10 seconds.
 The system can be easily installed.
 The system is 100% efficient.
 The system must be fast and reliable

Software Requirements:
The Software Requirements in this project include:
a. Python
b. OpenCV framework
c. MS Excel.
Software requirements deal with defining software resource requirements and prerequisites that
need to be installed on a computer to provide optimal functioning of an application. These
requirements or prerequisites are generally not included in the software installation package and
need to be installed separately before the software is installed.

There are a number of things to consider when using face recognition software - these include
things like:

 Lighting
 Pose
 Camera type
 Camera position
 Distance from camera
 Camera focus
 Image resolution
 Use case
 Speed
 Security
 Location
 Form factor

Hardware Requirements:
The most common set of requirements defined by any operating system or software application
is the physical computer resources, also known as hardware. A hardware requirements list is
often accompanied by a hardware compatibility list (HCL), especially in case of operating
systems. An HCL lists tested, compatible, and sometimes incompatible hardware devices for a
particular operating system or application.

Component Minimum Recommended

Processor Intel core- i3 2nd generation Intel core-i5 3rd generation
Camera HD 720p Webcame HD 1080p Webcame
Disk 50 GB 250GB