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NAME : ___________________ MARKS : _____________

CLASS : 5_____

A. Use the information on the noticeboard below to complete the passage

below. (10%)


Swimming Pool Rules

1. Please shower before entering the pool.

2. Glass items, food and drink are not allowed in the pool area.

3. No pets are allowed in the pool.

4. Children must not use the pool without adult supervision.

5. No swimming when there is thunder and lightning.

During the school holidays, my father took us to the (1)

______________________________ for a swim. Before jumping into

the pools, we (2) _______________________. We did not bring any

sandwiches or orange juice because (3) _________________________

_________________. Since (4) ____________________________,

our dog had to stay outside the pool area. After an hour, the sky turned

dark and we stopped swimming because (5) _______________________

B. Fill in the blanks with the suitable prepositions. (10%)

on with under to

from into for over

1. My brother is leaving ________ Kuching next Monday.

2. My mother and I went _________ Iceland last year.

3. Aminah went to Alor Setar ____________ last Saturday.

4. Mrs. Heong was angry __________ my rudeness.

5. The naughty boy stole some fresh fruit ____________ the


C. Fill in the blanks with the suitable past continuous tense. (10%)


They were waiting (wait) for the bus at the bus stop this morning.

1. My mother _____________________ (cook) while my father

_____________________ (read) newspaper.

2. As I _____________________ (walk) to school last Monday, I

met Cindy.

3. Darren _____________________ (clean) the house when her

uncle came.

4. Selina _____________________ (look) for her glasses the whole

D. Replace the underlined words with suitable adverbs. Rewrite the

sentences. (10%)

e.g. The clever girl answered the questions in an easy manner.

The clever girl answered the questions easily.

1. Kai Ming walked home in a sad manner.

2. The woman spoke in a gentle manner to the children.

3. Fiona arranged the books in a neat manner on the shelves.

4. Kiran listened in a careful manner to the announcement.

5. The poor children are the food in a hungry manner.

E. Fill in the blanks with the suitable question words. (10%)

why how who

when where what

1. ________________ did the farmer visit?

He visited his cousin.

2. ________________ did Ma Liang draw to help the baby monkey?

He drew animals for their farms.

3. ________________ did Matthew live?

He lived in a village in Scotland.

4. ________________ did the bear save Kapono?

It pulled him to the bank of the river.

5. ________________ saw the cranes?

The men saw the cranes.

F. Circle the anwer with correct comparative adjectives. (10%)

1. My house is __________ than hers.

A big B biggest C bigger D more big

2. The painting is ___________ than that one.

A beautiful B beautifulest C beautifuler D more beautiful

3. This red handbag is _________ than the blue one.

A expensive B expensiver C most expensive D more expensive

4. Rita’s cake recipe is _________ than Shella’s.

A better B more good C good D best

5. Between the two men, who is ___________ ?

A heavy B heavier C heaviest D more heavy

G. Fill in the blanks with the suitable present continuous tense. (10%)


The children are watching ( watch ) cartoons on television.

1. Mother _____________ ( bake ) delicious chocolate biscuits.

2. He ______________ ( run ) to the finishing line.

3. I _______________ ( write ) an email to my friend in Canada.

4. We ______________ ( help) the old woman to cross the busy road.

5. Soleha ____________ (tie) a ribbon around her sister’s hair.

H. Read the invitation and answer the questions that follow. (10%)

1. The party will be held on

A. Saturday, 4 January 2014.
B. Saturday, 11 January 2014.
C. Sunday, 19 January 2014.
D. Sunday, 23 February 2014.

2. Who is the host of the party?

A. Zaria Ahmad
B. Mr Moothy and Mrs Dewi
C. Mr Moothy and Mrs Sunita
D. The Mum’s Fried Chicken Restaurant

3. Sunita is the ________ in the family.

A. last child
B. first child
C. only daughter
D. eldest daughter

4. The birthday party will be held at

A. Zaria’s house
B. Mr Moothy’s house
C. Sunita’s house
D. Mum’s Fried Chicken Restaurant

5. Which of the following is a true statement?

A. Sunita lives at Taman Uda.
B. Sunita will be eleven years old on Sunday, 19 January 2014.
C. The birthday party will be held in the morning.
D. Sunita is inviting Zaria to her mother’s birthday party.

I. Fill in the blanks with the correct conjunction. ( 10 %)

so but althought since or

1. Nik and Kimmy are intelligent ________ lazy.

2. He was punished _________ he told lies.

3. Nora did not go to bed ___________ she was sleepy.

4. I will either take train ________ the aeroplane to Penang.

5. She does not have a pen _________ she goes to the shop to buy one.

J. Underline the correct adverbs of place. (5%)

1. He visited his grandparents before he went ( abroad / anywhere ).

2. Please wait for your teacher ( nowhere / here ).

3. They are doing their homework ( upstairs / up ) .

4. Sam put his bag ( anywhere / down ) and helped his teacher.

5. She left her glasses ( somewhere / everywhere ).

K. Based on the picture, write one correct sentence. You must use both
the words given. (5%)

1. playing – field

2. praised – hardworking

3. won – bronze

4. axe – chop

5. playground – between

Prepared by : Mr. Chong Wei Kiat & Ms Ooi Mei Ti