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Hudson 1

Leslie Hudson

Dr. Marian Ellis

EDUC 2301.200

May 5, 2019

Reflection Essay

Throughout March and April of 2019, I had the privilege to observe at Cooper

Elementary in Mrs. Stegall’s Head Start classroom as well as Mrs. Young’s Fifth Grade

classroom. As a future teacher, I learned many valuable things that will enhance my future

teaching career. I am excited to apply what I have learned and help educate the lives of future

generations. Observing both grade levels was an excellent experience for me to be able to see

both ends of the spectrum. I loved interacting and watching both grade levels and am excited to

pursue my teaching career.

I observed my first 8 hours in Mrs. Stegall’s Head Start classroom. I loved the simplicity

of the lessons, and that the students have the opportunity to learn so many life skills at such a

young age. The students had their daily routine memorized; I loved that right after breakfast and

brushing their teeth they would sing good morning songs so they could, as Mrs. Stegall put it,

“get all their wiggles out”. Mrs. Stegall implements so many different learning styles in her

classroom and has such a positive interaction with the students.

I especially liked all the different stations Mrs. Stegall had for the students. The students

were so engaged at each station. Whether is was a station they could practice writing their name

at, a station to help them with their motor skills, or a station where they could learn life skills,

Mrs. Stegall made certain that the students were positively interacting with each other as well as

being sure they were learning to their fullest.

Hudson 2

When I observed in Mrs. Young’s Fifth Grade class, the students were one week away

from STAAR testing. Mrs. Young’s goal for that week was to motivate and prepare students for

the test. I loved that Mrs. Young didn’t just read material in front of the class, she would always

go in depth and ask many questions to keep the students involved. She always made a point to

explain things so that students wouldn’t be confused. Her motivating spirit really encouraged a

positive interaction with the students, and I liked that she required the students to jot down

“happy comments” to inspire growth mindset.

It was evident in both grade levels that both teachers strived to have successful students

and were willing to help any students that struggled. Mrs. Stegall informed me that there is

something to teach in everything and that it is important not to miss even the little lessons that

can be learned. Some of the smallest teaching opportunities can be the most important for a child

to learn. I really enjoyed the positive atmosphere and the constructive interaction with students in

both classrooms. Having confidence in students and being optimistic really helped encourage

students and made for an enjoyable learning experience.

There are so many wonderful and important things I learned from my opportunity to

observe. It is crucial that I have a positive student-teacher interaction and that I appeal to all

learning styles so that students do not get left behind or discouraged. I plan to have motivated

students that are prepared to face any difficulty, and students who believe in themselves because

I believe in them. I will implement the things that Mrs. Stegall and Mrs. Young taught me

whether it be centers for younger students or preparing and motivating for STAAR for older

students. My desire is to help students’ approach everything with integrity and motivation, and

encourage them to be optimistic and positive whether we are learning life skills or subject