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Grading Rubric – PowerPoint 2016

Module 5
Description Pts Score
Solution Filename: Chicago Final.pptx, Chicago Final Duplicate.pptx, Chicago
Final Show.ppsx, Chicago SmartArt.jpg, Chicago Final Previous Version.ppt
The “Chicago Final” presentation is merged with Bernie Halen’s (reviewer) 1
Comments are printed. 1
Slide 1: Bernie’s comments reviewed, and then accepted or rejected. 4
Slide 1: A reply and a comment are added. 2
Slide 1: A comment is deleted. 1
Slides 2-5: The comments are edited as indicated on PPT 249 and markup is hidden. 5
Two slides are added after Slide 3 from the Chicago History presentation to the 2
Chicago Final presentation; the second keeps the source formatting.
Slide 2: Part of an image of the Chicago History presentation is snipped and pasted 2
on Slide 2 in the Chicago Final presentation.
The slide number, a fixed date, and footer text added to all slides in the presentation 3
except the title slide.
Slide 4: Formatting from the Garfield Park Conservatory picture removed. 1
The slide size ratio is changed to 16:9, adjustments to the content are made as 2
needed to fit the new screen size, and the presentation resolution is changed to 1366
x 768.
The file is saved as a PowerPoint show with the file name “Chicago Final Show”. 1
Slide 2 is saved as a JPEG image with the file name “Chicago SmartArt”. 1
The presentation is saved to a CD using the Package for CD feature. 1
The presentation is saved as a PowerPoint 97–2003 Presentation with the file name 1
“Chicago Final Previous Version”.
A duplicate copy of the presentation is saved with the file name “Chicago Final 2
Duplicate,” and comments are deleted from this file.
Document properties are changed with Document Inspector. 2
A password is set for the Chicago Final Duplicate file. 1
The Chicago Final Duplicate presentation is marked as final. 1
Selected text is highlighted or circled and the pen ink color is changed. 1

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