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Portfolio Builder and showcase platform for STEM graduates |More Info

Implications in India:
Many Indian engineering students find it difficult to find
jobs because of the standard recruitment process that is
followed in the colleges – typically based on marks and
A platform like Gradfly assists students who want to
enhance their chances of getting relevant jobs by
showcasing what their projects and practical knowledge
instead of depending only on the college grades.

There is currently no platform to

showcase projects for non-design
students. Gradfly provides an opportunity
for STEM students to share their work and
network with prospective employers and
colleges for employment.

Peer-to-peer Online Learning Platform |More Info

Implications in India:
Many students who have access to internet are already
enrolling themselves in courses on platforms such as
Coursera and edX. It will also provide an additional source
of income for many who can teach particular topics.

Skillshare provides an avenue where people

with specific skill-sets can earn revenue
sharing their skills with the people who need
to learn them.
Business Model:
A broker deals between buyers (prospective
students) and sellers (teachers) and gets a
commission on every successfully completed sale
(when a student buys admission to a teacher's class.)

Free Language Learning Platform |More Info

The business model used by Duolingo is highly innovative due
to the fact that it is giving out its service for free and using the
learning progress to get work done for corporate
organizations. The same concept can be utilized in umpteen
ways where the learning process of students can be leveraged
in other ways to help corporates, such as giving out problem
cases for students to learn which are generated in Engineering

Duolingo is a free language learning platform.

It provides written lessons, dictation, and
speaking practice.
Duolingo Business Model:
Duolingo sells the user-generated translations
to the companies in need of content
translation.Revenue also comes from a
language certification service called Test Center

Teaching platform that enables educators to increase engagement with students by integrating digital media with classroom interaction | More Info

Implications :
The conventional educational model is
being challenged by a phygital model
where technology is used as an
enhancement to the physical classroom to
aid a better interaction between students
and educators.

This also ensures a better classroom

Top hat creates a one-to-one connections in a lecture engagement for students by keeping them
active on a particular digital platform.
hall of many students. The platform works without any
internet connection. The phygital aspect of it
motivates students to prepare, attend, and participate
in classes with the materials. It also actively drives
student outcomes through real time feedback.

Create a parallel recruitment process based on coding skills, bypassing the traditional Resume-Interview model | More Info

Implications :
Students in Engineering who do not have a good
GPA/Resume but are highly skilled in a specific area often
lose out on getting good recruitments. Giving them a
platform to showcase their projects/work and connecting
to employers can create a better way of linking the right
talent to the ones who want them.

HackerRank creates a contest based process

to recruit engineers, rather than the
traditional process of hiring through resumes
and interviews. It brings together companies
and engineers through hackathons and coding
contests, so that the right talent gets hired by
the right recruiter.

Digitizing the classroom environment making it easy for all the stakeholders (including parents) engage with each other in an easy way, while also maintaining
transparency |More Info

Implications :
Creating an engaging network between the various
stakeholders involved in the education model makes it
much more useful and conducive for learning. Also
gamifying the process and taking inspiration from Social
Network websites (such as Facebook) makes it even better
Edmodo is a classroom based social network. The and fun as a platform for learning.

interface- similar to Facebook, creates a safe

environment where there is no bullying or
inappropriate content, because the teacher can
see everything that is posted. Also parents can
join the class to bring a level of transparency that
is difficult to achieve without technology. The
Edmodo network enables teachers to share
content, distribute quizzes, assignments, and
manage communication with students,
colleagues, and parents.

Platform which helps educators create free adaptive learning systems to help students meet their learning goals | More Info

Exams and Assignments are currently the only way for
students to get an assessment on their academic
progress. With KNEWTON, they would have a new
method to get a personalized assessment based on their
own progress, helping them learn in the fastest and most
optimal method possible.
Students get personalized education which
helps them learn according to their own pace.
It helps teachers monitor the individual
progress of students. The platform learns
about each student as they use the content
and then gives recommendations on how to
learn. Content generators get insights on how
their content is being used by the students.

World’s first travelling high school, incorporating the Place Based Learning method. Students study at 3 different countries throughout the year | More Info

Getting to meet professionals, actually empathize with real
people and taking part in community development lets
them become aware of problems and immerse into the
local culture which enhances the classroom learning
Students get personalized education which
helps them learn according to their own
pace. It helps teachers monitor the
individual progress of students. The
platform learns about each student as they
use the content and then gives
recommendations on how to learn. Content
generators get insights on how their content
is being used by the students.

Global movement where children are empowered to create change in their communities through the ‘I Can’ mentality | More Info

This results in building a culture where teachers, as
agents of change establish and design processes that
lead to an environment that enables children to
learn, engage and create; impacting not just the
world of education but the world in general.

Through the Design for Change Challenge, both children and

adults are introduced to the concept of Design Thinking. The
year- long immersive curriculum develops and nurtures the
required behavior & skills both in students and teachers as
facilitators at a classroom level.

Physical education, Community service and outreach is not

something you’ll do for a set number of hours and forget.
Instead, they becomes a part of your day-to-day activity and
integrate into your academic learning, preparing you for a future
in which you’re active for both yourself and others.

Participatory Design Process |More Info

In 2010, the Student Experience Lab partnered with Utah State University
to give undergraduates the opportunity to use real-world research and
design methodologies to transform how they understand, evaluate, and
articulate the skills, competencies, and capabilities they learn in college.

Ultimately, the goal of this initiative was to find fresh, new approaches to
support student success and timely and appropriate progress towards
degree completion.

Through "participatory design," students act as both participant and

designer, boldly creating the experience that is right for them while
leveraging the expertise and experience of all players in the system. By
encouraging this deeper level of learning and doing, we begin to create
an awareness of the larger whole, leading to actions that can drive us
toward genuine business model innovation.
Participatory design forms the base of
learning for the Student Experience Lab,
enhanced by cycles of discovery,
prototyping and experimentation.

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