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Hybrid Fast Boat Booking Engine 

Get real potential direct booking from your website Hybrid Booking is booking engine 
suited for ​Accommodation, Activities, Tour Operator or Fast boat​ business 


PT. Reservasi Indonesia Sejahtera 

By Pass IB Mantra, Puri Chandra Asri A-25 
Denpasar Timur 
T. +62 361 468407 
M. +62 81 338 720777 



Hybrid Booking Engine is an easy to use booking for ​accommodation, activities, and 
tour operator or Fast boat​ with integrated payment gateway services and support for 
several payment gateway services in Indonesia and International. Our aim is to provide 
a simple booking engine at a low price, which fill the needs of small and medium-sized 
Accommodation, Activities and Tour Operator. 

1. Connecting your business to online booking and online payment 
2. Easy to manage products and inventory 
3. Cloud based, no need IT infrastructure cost 
4. Broadcast your products and share them on social medias 
5. 4 Easy integration steps 

Dynamic Rates Plan 
You can integrate your rates easily with any kind of promotions 
such as early bird, last minute or minimum night booking, etc. 

User Friendly 
Hybrid Booking Engine for Accommodation makes the booking 
process very simple and easy, driving conversions on your own 
website and allows customers easily to secure online reservation. 


Optional Services Feature 

Optional services feature can be applied for any optional services 
such as extra bed, spa, airport transfer in out, car rental that you 
can offer to your customers. 

Rich content for picture and video 

Easy setup your products by adding pictures and videos to get 
more impressions for your viewers. 

Email Broadcast Feature 

Update your existing and potential customers with new 
information by using email marketing campaign. Your email 
broadcast can be scheduled with easy steps. You can also create 
  an email group for your campaign easily. With secure email 
marketing server all sent emails will be received well on 
recipient's’ mailbox. 

Google Map Integration 

Makes your customers easily to locate your property on their 
mobile devices or desktop. Just drag the pin or copy the 
  coordinate and save. 


SEO Friendly 
Our application makes easier crawling by popular search engine 
such Google, Yahoo and Bing. 

Multi Languages Support 

Currently our booking engine are now support for English, Bahasa 
Indonesia, Chinese, Japanese and French 

Customer auto feedback email 

Testimonial request will be sent 1 day after your guest has used 
your services and their feedbacks can be displayed on your 

Social Media's Connect Feature 

This feature can connect your Facebook, Twitter in one tool to 
make you very convenience for update, upload and also can 
schedule your postings. 



Fastboat Booking Engine 

Hybrid Booking Fastboat is booking engine designed for special for Fast boat, allows 
you to maximize your internet sales, revenue and empower your sales strategy for your 
business. We’re passionate about helping business to improve their conversion rate by 
increasing direct booking. 


Add trips and schedules names, descriptions, pictures, etc is very easy. Description can 
be written in multi languages. 




You can set variation rates, 
allotment or inventory on your 
multi sessions products / 
services each day. 

From booking calendar feature 
you can see the status of 
allotment or inventory for the 
whole month. You can also 
update the allotment or 



Create discount and boost your sales with discount rules, several discount rules may 
apply to your rooms or products and share it on your website. 

Get feedback from your customer and share it on your website. Testimonial request 
email will be sent to your customer so they can share their experiences. But you can 
filter the feedbacks prior. 




Connect to your social media such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and schedule 
your posting easily with Social Media Connect feature and start to boost your social 
media e-marketing campaign with Hybrid Booking Engine. 

Update your customer with new information using email marketing campaign, Hybrid 
Booking Email Blast is able to scheduling your email marketing with easy steps. You 
also can create a email group for your campaign easily, with secure email marketing 
server make sure all the message will be received well on their mail box. 

Mobile search drives valuable 
outcomes for business, 73% of 
mobile searches trigger additional 
action & conversions, Hybrid 
Booking Engine supports for PC, 
laptop, smatphones, & tablets. 




Features to create additional form as you need, you may activate to create requirement 
field form per booking participants. This could be set as mandatory form so the guest 
must fill the form field before continue to do a booking. 



Hybrid booking featured with currency converter which could be set manual or 
automatic taken from Yahoo currency 

Payment settlement is very convenience as Hybrid Booking Engine supports many 
payment gateways such as DOKU, IPAY88, IONPay / NicePay, Finpay, Paypal, AliPay, 
Redot Payment or Hybrid Integrated Payment Solution and also can be collect credit 
card details for Signature on Files (SOF) system. Payment gateway’s service charges 


Statistics, Reports & Logs 

Hybrid booking system provides you with a summary of all important data and 
user-friendly charts and graphs directly visible on the dashboard, starting from 
reservation, visitor, revenue, cancellation, conversion, booking origin country etc. 
Hybrid Booking booking system provides you an all inclusive break-down of all 
operations including reservation statistics for Mobile, Desktop and even Facebook.  

The system easily gives you an immediate statistic for reservation summary, current 
booking information based on daily/weekly/monthly revenue.  

Price Plan 
We made everything is simple include for Hybrid Booking pricing plan.  

Following is our term of price plan with no limit room availability 

Setup Price 
We applying a one time setup price with the cost IDR 750.000,- 

Option 1 : Commission Base 

● 3 % per transaction, cancellation is not included 
● No limit booking 
● Payment Gateway is not included (you may integrating with 3rd party payment 
gateway, SOF (signage on file) or may using H ​ ybrid Payment Solution 
● Commission fee invoiced monthly, fee applied only for confirmed booking, 
cancellation booking is not billed. 

Option 2 : Integrated 
● No limit booking 
● Hybrid Payment Solution (​payment gateway​) Included 
● Via Credit Card : 5% + IDR 5000 
● Via ATM : 2% + IDR 10,000 per transaction. (Indonesian market only) 
● Via Alfa Group : 2% + IDR 12,000 per transaction. (Indonesian market only) 
● BCA (Klik Pay), Mandiri Klik Pay, ePay BRI : 2% + IDR 15,000 per transaction. 
(Indonesian market only) 
● Kredivo  : 5% + IDR 5000 
● Paypal : 6% + IDR 5000  

Hybrid Payment Solution (Optional) 

In case you want to sell your properties products quickly, you can use our integrated 
Hybrid Payment Solution which have a following transaction fee terms 
Via Credit Card  : Merchant Fee : 3.5% + 5000 
(Only for Indonesian market) 
Via ATM : IDR 10.000 per transaction. 
Via Alfa Group : IDR 12,000 per transaction. 
BCA (Klik Pay), Mandiri Klik Pay, ePay BRI :IDR 15,000 per transaction. 
Kredivo : 3,5 % + 5.000 
will  transfer the funds to the Customer's bank account within maximum of two working 
days  after  receiving  Withdrawal  instructions  (delivered  from  Hybrid  Booking  Customer 

Extranet) of the Customer. Merchant fee is still applied