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How to improve attention skill of children

Attention is the primary cognitive skill for development of any other essential skill. A productive
worker needs a good amount of sustained attenton skill to do his/het task fast and more effectively.
Similarly, an intellectual needs attention skill to think with clarity, for visualization, imagination and for
many other skills. Attention skill needs to be trained to any children so that he/she can become
productive and effective in life.

In this article, you will be acquitted with how to improve attention skill along with the list of

Basically, there are two ways to improve attention skill, Skill For Life calls these as:

 Push-start: Improving through closed observation by teachers/parents

 Self-start: Training an individual how to improve attention skill

Here, we will discuss both the ways along with the target age along with its actionable.

So, without further delay, let's get acquitted in detail.


Push start method needs close observation by parents or teachers. Generally, this method can be
implemented from early childhood till 12-13 years of age. However, when a young mind is not attentive
enough or skillful to learn the self-starr method, push-start method needs to be applied until the mind
reaches the particular stage of learning self-start technique for improving attention.

Instead of asking children "pay attention", they need to programmed through repetition from early
childhood while keeping their mental peace, "when your attention wanders away, bring it back."

Here is the list of actionable for proving attention through push-start method:

 Observe carefully for a period of time, what makes the child more engaged to doing that tasks
 Give him/her more related activity that makes him/her more attentive
 While studying, observe their sources of distraction and let them avoid those distractions
 Limit uses of electronic devices such as TV, because switching many programs in the TV or
different sources of advertisements or entertainment leads to move their awareness from here
to there, which ultimately leads to practicing distraction
 Make a regular habit of paying attention to a particular objects or idea for at least 5 minutes, for
example, prayer with undivided attention is good to adapt
 Observe when their attention wanders away and program their subconscious mind through
repetition to bring the attention back when it wanders away

We are good at what we practice, let the children practice attention rather distraction from various

Self-start method
As the name suggests, this method doesn't needs intervention by teachers or parents. When one learns
this method, he/she can pay undivided attention even at the time of distractions, by bringing the single-
point focus. Generally, Humans can learn this kind of self-triggered psychological technique from the age
of 12 or 13.

To educate this method, a teacher or parents need to learn how to pay attention by himself or herself.
This self-triggered method involves following three steps:

 Identifying when attention wanders away

 Brining the attention back when distraction is identified
 Keeping the focus on that particular task until completion

The most challenging task is to learn how to identify when attention wanders away. When one
recognizes that his or her attention is just wandered away, his prebuild subconscious program will
tell,"bring it back" and keep the attenton to the task you are doing. The challenging part of this self-
triggered technique is to train the mind to identify when attention wanders away, here is the list of
actionable to learn this method:

 Practing meditation to learn how to identify wandering attention

 Planning or listing daily tasks and observing the progress frequently, say in every hour
 Frequent self-introspection for the tasks supposed to do, frequency may be hallf an hour or one
hour; to identify where is the attention
 Practicing brining back the wandering attention, so that ot becomes a habit and runs on

When one learns the technique of brining the wandering attention back withhout intervention of others,
he or shee needs to keep it practicing so that it becomes habit. But, story doesn't end here, one needs to
check their attention skill even though they made the habit of brining the wandering attention; because,
no matter what one practices, there are many subconscious or unconconacious practicrs are being feed
to pur mind daily through social learning.


The steps, age, and actionable mentioned here should never be a common prescription to all. Every
individual has different requirements. These are methods which can be manifeated based upon
jndividual requirements. Educators need to deal with the individual requirements, so they also need to
master the art before teaching others. So that they can impart the methods based circumstances.