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Message from Prof.

Raghavendra Prasad,
SSSIHL Alumnus,
Indian Institute of Astrophysics, Bangalore.

Sairam Brothers,

This mail is my personal opinion on the happenings at Muddenahalli.

It is nothing but treachery and deceit. Hunger for money and power. Swami has told
time and again that He interacts with everyone one-on-one and He does not require any
media to communicate with His devotees. I very clearly remember Swami using the
word "vyabhichara bhakthi" for such characters. There are many pseudo-spiritualists
who are extremely deceitful and are exploiting the gullibility of innocent devotees and
young students. Muddenahalli gets its popularity because of some well-known names.

There are many such people who are using Swami's name to satisfy their own ulterior
motives. I had known Mr. BNM since my very childhood (almost 40years). I feel
ashamed that I ever known him and interacted with him. I also (like many more) know
Madhusudhan Naidu well. I threw him out of Brindavan Medical Camp as he was
collecting money in the name of the camp and was swallowing the same.

It is unfortunate that many of our illustrious alumni are in the forefront of this deceit. It is
pathetic to see that they have forgotten all that they learnt in the Divine Physical
Presence of Swami. It is time that they keep away from playing any role in Sri Sathya
Sai Students. They, in fact, are the Judas of the present age, but with more

It is high time that the student body condemns this blasphemy in one single voice. We
have no face with devotees when they look straight and ask, “Is this what Swami
expected from His students?" Let us disown and outcast anyone who is belittling our
Swami. Let us say loudly "forgive us Swami. Few of us are cheating You. At least now
we will act. We ban Madhusudhan Naidu from Sri Sathya Sai Alumni forever. Lord
forgive us.”

Brothers, better late than never! Recent happenings with Samarpan program in
Brindavan are a clear indication of things to come. If they do not wake up, then they
may be in for some rude shock as it happened in Bangalore. And all the dirt created by
few will get rubbed on to all of us.

I request the Steering Committee to come out with clear guidelines for all the alumni
and initiate action to clean-up the confusion created by those who are pro-
Muddenahalli. Let them categorically decide on which side they want to be. Not be like
cat on the walls, keeping one leg here and another there. Let us not stoop and show to
the world how opportunistic we are.

Let us be children of Mother Sai and not go to "pseudo light bodies"!

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