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REN-Gasodutos, S.A. REDE NACIONAL DE TRANSPORTE DE GAS NATURAL - PORTUGAL GAS PROPERTIES Document Number: M-00000-SPC-MI-0002 Document Type: Specification Page 1 of 13 6 05.03.2008 Approved issue AC HL Mv Rev Date Revision Prepay Checked DOS JDP he f L Approval == 1W-00000-SPC-MG-G002-Rev6 - Gas Properties doo Doc. N.: M-00000-SPC-MG-0002 aa rev 8 Date: 05.03.2008 REDE NACIONAL DE TRANSPORTE DE GAS NATURAL, Page: 2 of 13 10 20 21 22 24 25 26 27 28 29 2.10 21 212 213 214 215 30 40 41 42 50 5.1 53 54 33 56 TABLE OF CONTENTS SCOPE DEFINITIONS. NATURAL GAS... LIQUEFIED NATURAL Gas. [REFERENCE CONDITIONS, ‘SUPERIOR CALORIFIC VALUE, HS. INFERIOR CALORIFIC VALUE, HL. DENSITY, RELATIVE DENSITY .. ‘Woan: INDEX WaTER DEW POINT. JOULE-THOMPSON COEFFICIENT. ‘SPECIFIC HAT CAPACITY Viscosiry. . ISENTROPIC EXPANSION FACTOR ENTHALPY, ENTROPY, PARAMETER RANGES AND VALUES. PROJECT GAS ‘MAGREB EUROPE PIPELINE... LNG TERMINAL....... JOULE-THOMPSON COEFFICIENT, y, SPECIFIC HEAT CAPACITY AT CONSTANT PRESSURE, CP vwsssovsoooo SPECIFIC HEAT CAPACITY AT CONSTANT VOLLUME, Cv ISENTROPIC EXPANSION FACTOR, F ~~ VISCOSITY, 1 ENTHALPY, H. ENTROPY, S. Doc. N.: M-00000-SPC-MG-0002 Rev.: 6 Date: 05.03.2008 REDE NACIONAL DET GAs NATURAL SP gRTEDE Page: 3 of 13 1.0 SCOPE This document contains the natural gas definition and composition according to International Standard ISO 13686 / 1998-05-01 Natural gas — Quality designation, as well as the quality specification published in Portuguese legislation regarding natural gas quality (Despacho 1.°19 624-A/2006 de 25 de Setembro — Anexo IV ~ Regulamento da Qualidade de Servico). It also presents the annual average compositions and properties of the natural gas in the Portuguese high pressure transport network ~ the Algerian natural gas from Magreb Europe Pipeline and the Nigerian natural gas from LNG Terminal. 2.0 DEFINITIONS. 24 Natural Gas ‘A gaseous fuel obtained from underground sources. It consists of a complex mixture of hydrocarbons, primarily methane, but generally also including ethane, propane and higher hydrocarbons in much smaller amounts. It generally also includes some inert gases, such as nitrogen and carbon dioxide, plus minor amounts of trace constituents. 22 Liquefied Natural Gas Natural gas which, after processing has been liquefied for storage or transportation purposes. Liquefied natural gas (LNG) is vaporized and introduced into pipelines for transmission and distribution as natural gas. 23 Reference Conditions ‘The preferred reference conditions are referred to as normal conditions and denoted by the subscript ‘n*: Pp = 1,01325 bar(a) Ty = 273,15 K (0 °C) 24 Superior Calorific value, Hs