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Duration: 1 &1/2 hrs QUESTION BANK Marks: 40

Q: 1 A) Match the columns: (Any 5 out of 8) (Marks 5)


Historical Tourism Ajanta Ellora Caves

Adventure Tourism Rock Climbing

Dark Tourism Associated with death & tragedy

Recreational Tourism Beach visit

Itinerary A documented plan of the tour

Pilgrimage Tourism Temple , Church , Dargah

Natural Tourism Product Wild life

Event based product Kite flying, Snack boat race

Generating income & employment Positive impact of Tourism

Adverse effect on environment Negative impact of Tourism

Global code of ethics World Tourism Organization

Imitability Offers by companies can be copied

Inception-discovery stage Few tourists visit the area

Growth – local response stage Number of tourists increases

International level tourism Involves more than one country

Site planning tourism Specific location of building &

Q: 1 B) True or false (Any 5 out of 8) (Marks 5)

1. Tourism is a labour intensive industry.

2. Tourism products are intangible.
3. Once a tourism plan is preapared, it is not necessary to revise it in future
4. Increase in health risk is positive impact of tourism.
5. Preservation of environment is a characteristic of Eco- Tourism.
6. International tourism increases the wealth of country.
7. Travel agent & Tour guide are one and the same.
8. Travel agent & Tour operator are different.
9. Tourism destination is chosen by the tourist as the target of his travel.
10. Operating costs include both fixed & variable cost.
11. Tourism products are not affected by seasonality.
12. Resident oriented products include wild life, beaches, island etc.
13. Symbiotic Tourism Products include hospitals, public parks, banks etc
14. Tourism is not important for country’s development.
15.Tourism is dynamic.
16. Tourism opportune us to explore new culture, people & adventure at
different places.
Q: 2 Explain the following term: (Any 5 out of 8) (Marks: 10)

1. Mark up pricing strategy

2. Mark down pricing strategy
3. Ayurveda & yoga tourism
6. Medical tourism
7. Tour operator
8. Travel agent
9. National level of tourism planning
10. Local or community level
11. Tourism oriented products
12. Residents oriented products
13.Geographical pricing
14.Promotional pricing
15.Air transport
16.Water transport

Q: 3Answer the following (Any 2 out of 3) (Marks: 10)

1. Explain the nature of tourism? What is importance of tourism?

2. Define tourism industry and explain its nature and scope.
3. Explain the impact of tourism industry in India.
4. Explain the environmental impact of tourism industry in India.
5. Explain the stages involved in tourism destination planning process.
6. Explain the importance of tourism destination planning.