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10 What if … ?


Before watching
1 Read the answers to the interviewers questions. What do you think the questions were?
a) ?
When you’re an actor you either move to New York or to Los Angeles.
b) ?
It’s great! I love New York.
c) ?
I work as a barista in a café.
d) ?
I’d like to be a superhero in a movie.
e) ?
I’d buy a big house in Malibu.

While watching
2 Watch the video and check your answers to activity 1.

3 Watch the video again.

Check [✓] which of these sentences are things that Aaron might say?
a) If I could, I’d go back to college and study something else. ❑
b) If I could pay of my student loans things would be easier. ❑
c) If I got the chance I’d like to act in a comedy. ❑
d) I’d buy a big house in Malibu if I had enough money. ❑
e) If I could I’d move out of New York and not come back. ❑

After watching
4 What would you do if you were Aaron?

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