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Semi Noble Metals


The False self image

To appear as someone else
To give out a certain image
Inside there is another image that they have of themselves, a very
poor image
Many remedies are like this

For many years coins were made from gold and
The penny – almost insignificant
Copper – the penny

Chromium, Nickel, Palladium

Often used to cover other metals that are not so
Giving out an image to protect another metal
Making this metal to appear as something it is not
Superficial image

Desire to shine like the light that this noble person has
To be near them

Vexation, frustration, anger about my devaluated image

Struggles to give out a different image
I am depreciated
My value is not as high as it should be

Difficult mood Nickel

Palladium – to find out in which way the other people are moving and coping with reality
While suffocating their own personality

A lot of difficulty recognizing what they really want from their life

Basic frustration
How easy it is to touch in the wrong place these people
Anxiety – what can I do better in order to hide what I think I am?

Vertigo is common
Semi Noble Metals
As if I am standing on a place that I do not deserve
I am not-confident of my position, it is shaky
When a person is confident – in a high place, then you are proud
But if you feel you do not deserve it, then you are high up and can be seen by all
And others could push you off this top of the mountain easily

Common: Skin – and it’s a tragedy

The skin is the outer image, especially the hands and face (easily seen)
From their perspective this is a big issue
Almost esthetically way
They often over-exaggerate the symptoms – just a “few” little spots
And this is a TRADEGY!
My skin is betraying me! So I am not giving out the nice beautiful image I want to give out.

Genital area
Unsatisfying erection in men, the woman need to recognize your phallic power
Problems of infertility

Intimate relationships are hard

The more you open to another, the more likely they will see what is inside
See beyond this image
To be naked in front of someone, no possibility of hiding
Almost paranoid – that this person will see who you are, will stop loving you
They might inform others that you are not what you appear to be
To allow another person into their life, to see their fragile parts, this is a problem
Unable to get deeply in touch with another

They are often pretty lonely

When compensated: they can be quite nasty, mean, haughty
They are obliged to create a desert around them
Eventually drives them to severe depression when they are old

Obligated to appear in complete different way

Symptoms always focused on their image

Panic attacks
Your spine/lumbar region – they would like to stand strong
Throat – they would like to have strong deep voice
Symptoms that show up in public, when they are showing who they are not

They will not be a movie star – they will be the one that really wishes they could be a movie star
That wants to live in this kind of life

DD: Silica
Also suffers from lack of possibility and concern about image, the few things I can do in life
The best I can do is to produce image about this small area I can handle
To shrink my context with the world
Trying to do their best within this
In Pall: observes around you what is the fashion, what is cool, what do I need to copy to be a
part of this
With Silica – they divert conversation to only area I know something about – they don’t know
Semi Noble Metals
these other areas, they can only cope with their own way
With Pall: they will want to know about other things…
Silica – will never image that they would be a leader or anyone close to the leader
They might be best secretary, or best advisor – to defend his own very safe space

DD: Thuja
Very similar to semi-noble metals
If the doctor can understand me, then I will talk to them …
From the beginning, what is the meaning of my life? What does it mean to meditate?
From Pall: I want to be cool and close to the movie star and near to the top of society… the
nicest swimming pool….
With Thuja: It’s a matter of my existence, a matter of being

DD: Sulphur—the father had such an image, I will need to do so much to be as good as my
As if I am cheating the other person, selling out cheap, what is important is to have an audience
that thinks of him as a guru
When it doesn't work out—they can shift and re-make their image, and keep selling their image
as if it is really good, Sulphur w/o a court of fans does not exist
They are able to re-invent themselves they are very plastic, in order to appear as someone who
knows more
And they say “this is all very mystical” and only in time will you understand what I am telling you
The problem is: I don’t trust in my own value
I only trust in this—if I have people around me adoring me