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Application for Graduate Admission

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Name(Last, First, Middle/Additional Other): Joshi, Chinmay Anant
Date of Birth: February 6, 1997
Sex: Male
Are you Latino/Hispanic: No
I come from an economically
Other Background Information: Asian,
disadvantaged background
A001 hiren heritage Khambalpada dombivali. behind
Permanent Address:
nakshtra village, India, 421203, IN
Mailing Address:
Valid Until:
Home Phone:
Cell Phone/Cell Phone Provider: 9594195621 / OT
Business Phone/Fax Number: /
International Phone:
E-mail Address: chinmayj46@gmail.com


Visa Type (if in US):

If J1
Position most recently held in home country Student
New Jersey high school graduate? No
Country of Birth IN
City of Birth Mumbai
Country of Citizenship IN
Country of Legal Residency IN


Packaging Engineering
Program Name/Degree Sought: (16731)
Term Desired/Enrollment Year: Fall / 2019
School Selected: School of Graduate Studies
Full-time Study: Yes
How did you hear about this program?: College/Career Fair
Other Source of Interest:
Previously applied to Program/Year: /


Institution: (RU0317) UNIVERSITY OF MUMBAI

Attended From: Jun. 2016 to May. 2019
Degree Earned/Date Earned: Bachelor of Science / Sat Jun 01 00:00:00 EDT 2019
Major/GPA: PPT / 0
Attended From: Jun. 2012 to May. 2016
Degree Earned/Date Earned: / Wed Jun 01 00:00:00 EDT 2016

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Graduate Admissions : Review Application https://admissionservices.rutgers.edu/graduate/reviewApplication.app


Date Verbal Quant. Writing

GRE General Test
10/2018 138 / 8% 145 / 20% 2.0 / 2%
Date Subject Total Score
GRE Subject Test
/ 0%

IR Total
Date Verbal Quant. Writing
GMAT Test Score Score
/ 0% / 0% / 0% / 0% / 0%

Date Score

Date Score Test Type


Date Overall Score

03/2019 6.5
Reading Listening Speaking Writing
Individual Test scores
6.0 7.5 6.0 6.0

Date accommodation
Critical Chemical&Physical Biological&Biochemical Psychological,Social&
MCAT2015 Individual Test scores Analysis&Reasoning Foundations Foundations Biological

Verbal PScience BScience Writing

MCAT taken before 2015 Individual Test scores

Date Total Science DAT Average Score

DAT Test
Gen Org
Perceptual Score Reading Score Quant Score Biology Score Chem Chem
DAT Individual Test scores
Score Score


I do not wish to be considered for financial assistance. I am able to meet the full costs of my educational and living expenses for the duration of my degree program.
I wish to be considered for any financial assistance from Rutgers in the form of fellowships, teaching or graduate assistantships, and scholarships.
I am the first in my family to attend college
I consent to have my academic records disclosed to members of scholarship committees during my study at Rutgers

Undergraduate program
or Fellowship Competition

Academic Honors, Awards,

or Publications

Relevant Work Experience

Outside Fellowships

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Graduate Admissions : Review Application https://admissionservices.rutgers.edu/graduate/reviewApplication.app


“Education is the foundation upon which we build our future.” - Christine Gregoire
Growing up, I have always been defined by my curiosity. Whether it was a curiosity towards machines, or a desire to learn more about the
environment; my early youth saw me develop a deep desire to do all that I could to learn about the world around me. This desire to learn, in turn, saw
me develop an interest in the sciences, which in turn set me on the path to pursue an education as an engineer. On completing my schooling, my
performance in the sciences, as well as my interest in their effects on modernity saw me pursue a diploma in Mechanical Engineering. This course
introduced me to the numerous processes and systems involved in developing modern machines. Moreover, through this diploma, I also had the
opportunity to pursue studies in subjects like Industrial Packaging, which quickly captured my interest. My fascination with the packaging process, as
well as my realisation that packaging was integral to industry and to our consumerist lifestyles thus served as the guiding light behind my decision to
pursue a BE in Printing and Packaging, which I secured from the SIES College.
Studying for this BE course helped me learn an incredible amount pertaining to the science and technology that guides packaging in the world today.
Subjects like Material and Science Technology for instance, were integral to my knowledge since I learned about the materials used by the packaging
industry, as well as their identification and composition. I also enjoyed reading for Ancillary Packaging Materials, whereby I was familiarised with the
use of tapes, glues, adhesives, caps, closures, pre-forms, cushions, and fasteners in modern packaging. I also studied Packaging Distribution and
Dynamics, whereby I gained conversance with concepts pertaining to forced vibrations, product sensitivity, damped vibrations, vibrations in
distribution, et al. I also studied the importance of cushioning in the distribution process. This module also familiarised me with standards like the
ASTM/IS. Finally, I also had a module on Shelf Life Studies, wherein I was made aware of the physical, chemical, and micro-biological processes that
take place in packaging. This was especially important to my knowledge on food packaging. Thus, through my studies, I developed a solid foundation of
knowledge in the packaging field.
I also used my time at college to develop myself as an individual, and to this end, I have participated in a plethora of extra and co curricular activities. I
served as the Public Relations and Hospitality Co-Ordinator for our college, and thus, developed my ken in conducting events, leading teams, and
maintaining professionalism. I have also served as a fest organiser for numerous collegiate events, and was also a member of the Curating team for the
TEdx event at SIES College. In addition to this, I also volunteered to attend a number of seminars, events, and social activities, including tree
plantation drives. These experiences helped ensure that I developed my communication, teamwork, leadership, and organisational skills.
In order to work towards translating my ken in the theory of packaging to practice, I also completed a final year project, as well as an internship during
my degree. My project was titled Luminous Packaging, and saw me work in a team of 4 people. We focussed on using a number of ink reactive paper
samples, and studied their reactions in different conditions. This in turn could be used for purposes including package security. Working on this project
also saw me develop strong research skills, and taught me how to work in teams effectively. My internship has seen me work at TCPL Packaging Ltd;
the internship is a 4 month long opportunity to learn, and in this time, I have been working as a Package Developer and Design Trainee. This in turn
allowed me to learn numerous packaging techniques, while also introducing me to various security features used to ensure that the packaging remain
untampered. This internship also saw me develop a new package design for Danone, and thus, granted me the opportunity to apply my knowledge in a
practical, and professional setting.
Armed thus with a background in mechanical engineering, as well as a firm understanding of the fundamentals of packaging, I believe myself ready to
now look to pursue a Masters course in Packaging. To this end, I look to the University of RUTGERS, where I am keen to study for modules like
Packaging Development Processes and packaging invention and innovation under the tutelage of Professors Harold Bennett and Pamela Dozier. I am
certain that the knowledge I stand to gain through this Masters course at your illustrious University will help set me on the right path towards attaining
my goal of working as a package developer at a firm like Amcor. I am a dedicated student, and a keen learner, and am certain that these qualities,
allied to the knowledge and experience I have accrued through my diploma and Bachelors degrees will help me live up to your academic expectations,
and thus, I submit my application to study at the University of Rutgers, while looking forward to a favourable response.

Chinmay Joshi
Fall 2019


Recommender Name Recommender E-mail Address

PRASAD IYER hod_ppt@siesgst.ac.in
SANDESH RAMTEKE ramteke.sandesh@siesgst.ac.in
PRAVIN SANGOLE pravin.sangole@tasgaonkartech.com
I WAIVE my right to access these letters.

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