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Manipulation : 시세조작/분식회계

Uphold [ʌpˈhoʊld] (vt) to defend or support a law, system, or principle so that it is not made weaker

integrity [ɪn’tegrɪti] (un) the quality of being honest and strong about what you believe to be right

Incentive [ɪn’sentɪv] (n) ~ for/to sb/sth to do sth : sth that encourages you to do sth

Means [pl,n] a method, system, object, etc. that is used as a way of achieving a result

sophisticated [sǝ’fɪstǝkeɪtɪd] (adj) having a lot of knowledge and experience of difficult or complicated subjects and
therefore able to understand them well; sophistication (un)

avenue [ˈævəˌnu] (cn) a possible way of achieving sth

Induce [ɪnˈdju:s] (vt) ~ sth : to cause sth

Refrain [rɪˈfreɪn] (vi) refrain from sth : to stop yourself from doing sth

Overly [ˈoʊvɚli] (adv) too much, or very

Fuel (vt) to make a situation worse or to make sb’s feelings stronger


Exploit [ɪkˈsplɔɪt] (vt) to use sth well in order to gain as much from it as possible

Underlying (adj) underlying reason/cause/problem etc. the reason, cause, etc. that is most important but that is not easy to

Preclude [prɪ’klu:d] (vt) ~ sb from doing sth : to prevent sth or make sth impossible

legitimate [lɪˈdʒɪtɪmət] (adj) fair or reasonable

Perceive [pɚˈsi:v] (vt, formal) to understand or think about sth in a particular way

Microcap : 초소형주 : one of the smallest companies on the stock exchange, that have a very low total value of shares

exchange [ɪksˈtʆeɪndʒ] (n) the act of giving sb sth and receiving sth else from the; in exchange for sth

purported [pǝˈpɔ:t ɪd] (adj, only before n) that has been stated to have happened or to be true, when this might not be the case

speculative [ˈspekjələtɪv] (adj) based on guessing, not facts

in/under the guise of sth : the way sb or sth appears to be, which hides the truth or is only temporary

small cap : small capital (소형주)의 약자로 상장 또는 등록된 시가총액이 작은 회사들인 중소기업주를 뜻함. 구
체적인 기준은 없으나, 한국에서는 시가총액 상휘 100위까지를 대형주 (Large Cap)로 분류, 상위 101위부터
300위까지를 중형주 (Mid Cap)로, 나눠 종목을 소형주(Small Cap)로 분류.

media outlet (plural media outlets)

1. (media) A publication or broadcast program that provides news and feature stories to the public through various
distribution channels. Media outlets include newspapers, magazines, radio, television, and the Internet.
한글로 매스컴이라 번역되어 같은 말 같지만
위의 설명처럼 방송 프로그램이나 출판물로 대중에게 뉴스나 잘 제작된 이야기등을 여러 경로를 통하여 전
달하는 정보전달 경로를 의미합니다

Tactical [ˈtæktɪkəl] (adj, usually before n) carefully planned in order to achieve a particular aim; SYN) strategic

Fraudulent [ˈfrɔdʒələnt] (adj) intended to deceive people; Fraudulently (adv)