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GF83.40-P-2000GI Automatic air conditioning pushbutton control module, function 21.2.01

MODEL 163 as of 1.9.01 with CODE (580a) Automatic air conditioning

1 Blower switch
2 Temperature selector wheel
3 Air distribution switch

Defroster button
Recirculated air pushbutton
Auto button
AC OFF button
REST button (residual engine heat
utilization), is combined with the AC
Rear compartment air distribution
Rear window heater button

N22 Automatic air conditioning (AAC)

pushbutton control module
N22b1 Interior air temperature sensor

The AAC pushbutton control module (N22) makes it possible to make adjustments coming from the driver such as:

air quantity, by adjusting the blower switch setting (1)

temperature by setting the temperature selector wheel (2)
air distribution, by setting the air distribution switch (3)
defrost function by pressing the defroster button ( )
recirculated air mode by pressing the recirculated air pushbutton ( )
automatic air distribution/blower speed by pressing the Auto button ( )
switching off the cooling by pressing the AC button ( )
activating the residual engine heat utilization system with the ignition switched off by pressing the REST button ( )
heating the rear window by pressing the rear window heating button ( )
switching off the air distribution to the rear compartment by pressing the rear compartment air distribution button ( )

The control module integrated in the AAC pushbutton control module (N22) looks after all system regulation and control functions
such as:

comparing preselected and actual temperatures and controlling the air temperature at the air outlets
automatic switchover from fresh air to recirculated air mode
electrical control of refrigerant compressor
controlling the auxiliary fan or the electric suction-type fan motor/air conditioning with integrated control

The AAC pushbutton control module (N22) has a diagnostic capability. Consequently, any faults which occur are stored in the fault
memory which can be read with the help of the diagnosis assistant system (DAS).
When the AAC pushbutton control module is replaced (N22), variant coding must be carried out using the Diagnosis Assistant
System (DAS).

The AAC pushbutton control module (N22) also performs the following actuations:

direct: refrigerant compressor; heating water circulation pump;

PTC heater booster (OM 612 only), rear window heater
via the CAN BUS: auxiliary fan, electric suction-type fan motor/air conditioning with integrated control, blower control and air
distribution in the rear compartment (automatic mode)
via the AC bus: blower motor; 8 stepping motors for air distribution

The following sensor signals are read in by the AAC pushbutton control module (N22):

direct: temperature sensor evaporator, pressure and temperature sensor refrigerant, in-car temperature sensor, center nozzle
vent air temperature sensor, footwell and rear passenger compartment, sun sensor
via the CAN BUS: Ambient temperature display temperature sensor, sensor for specified values in rear control panel

Blower switch, GF83.25-P-2100GI

Temperature selector wheel, GF83.25-P-2102GI

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Air distribution switch, GF83.25-P-2101GI

Defroster button, location/task/function GF83.40-P-2139GI
Recirculating air pushbutton, GF83.40-P-2145GI
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Rest pushbutton, location/task/function GF83.40-P-2148GI
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distribution button, location/task/function

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