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Bánfai Bence

Reflective journal 1
Unit 1

Technology is now a part of our everyday life, moreover it plays a big role in it. Ordering
food, clothes, gadgets, tickets are easy as 1,2,3. As my other major is IT, for me it is evident
that I use technology and ICT in my classes. The simple reason is that it helps my work and the
students’ also. But we cannot stick at a certain level of technology (here I mean e.g. DVDs,
CDs and things those were “revolutionary” at their time). Nowadays where interactive
whiteboards, mobile apps, websites are here to help our lessons and make it more interactive
we must use them. I’m sure that I’ll use technology in my class whenever I can and have the
opportunity, but first I would make a kind of survey, where I can get ideas from my students,
what type of tasks’ and topics’ processing would be interesting to them using ICT.

Unit 2

Bullying, I think this term is well-known by students and teachers also. Bullying
someone can appear in words and physically (e.g. beating up). By the appearance of the internet
and social media, cyberbullying born. The difference between cyber- and “average” bullying is
that the first one can be anonym and affect the victim more psychologically than physically. As
for students cyberbullying is a sensitive topic, because in their environment it can be a common
thing. We, as teachers, have to fight against it somehow. This unit’s content was not new to me,
but I came across some new terms in the plenary forum.

Unit 3

My opinion about pre-made tasks and lesson plans, is that they can come handy if
someone is in short of time or need some inspiration/ideas for their lessons. But on the other
hand, we have to handle them carefully, here I think about tasks, because sometimes they can
contain mistakes or some parts that has been not discussed during the lesson. We can’t rely on
only them all the time. I found a lot of pre-made plans and materials during reading and visiting
sites in this unit. I found a lot of them useful and interesting.