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Bánfai Bence

Reflective journal 2
Unit 4

I think we do not really have to encourage students to use their phone for additional
learning outside the school. Most of the applications are in English, if they are do not know the
meaning of a word or a function, they will look it up in a dictionary (online of course). Bigger
question is that how we can make them use it for learning purposes in class instead of chatting.
The solution I think is easy, make the lesson motivating and interesting to them when they have
to use their phones. AR is a great opportunity to motivate them and to help them exploring
different topics from another perspective. Using QR codes and different images that have a kind
of coding on them, but invisible to the human eye, can help us in making the lesson interactive.
I do not think that younger students should already use mobile phones in class, when they have
not got any IT lessons and they can not use their devices for the purpose usefully.

Unit 5

Managing whole class activities could take a lot more time in my opinion than preparing
to a “simple lesson”, but it is worth the effort. By making students work together on a topic or
a project can be really helpful in developing their teamworking skills and communicational
skills plus it can build their community also. I would use it in almost every unit, at bigger topics
like Global Warming, or Homeless People. I would not stop at Power Point and Word, I think
it is a big problem that most of the teachers are thinking only in them. There are a lot of
applications, free to use by the way, that can be useful and sometimes more interesting than the
Office applications… e.g. Prezi

Unit 6

Taking classes into the computer room is an amazing idea! You have much more
opportunities in tasks. The only thing we have to be aware of is that the students will use the
computers for not only the tasks, but for anything else, chatting, browsing, etc… I think to
prevent these WebQuest is a great solution. They have to browse the internet but for information
and they will not be distracted by the others on the chat, because they have a task.

Unit 7

Until this time I was not aware of copyright, to be honest as an IT teacher I will not be
also. If this is the biggest concern of someone that if I have the acceptance of an
Bánfai Bence

artist/author/whatever I feel really bad for that person. Until everything is available on the
internet it is unavoidable to use something illegally just by accident. I think students do no
really know about it, because they are not taught! That is where the whole situation could start.
Teach them about it, then maybe later they will use the data and everything else legally and
they will know about copyright.