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AR 5020 SL

High power LED underwater light(IP68),

LED underwater light, LED swimming
pool light, LED pond light, LED fountain
Application Arco stainless steal underwater lighting are machined from high grade 316
For lighting and accentuating, such as stainless steel, using extra high temperature teflon lamp holder for better
smaller swimming pools, jacuzzis, realibility.
fountains, water bodies, installed in floor The fixtures is designed with high temperature silicon gasket and tempered
or wall. glass with easy maintenance
This fixture could be service with spareparts for extralong cashing usage
only for underwater use
outside water maximum 20watts halogen

Technical Specification
For submerse/underwater application source halogen 75 watts maximum
For surface application 20 watts maximum
LED 3 - 10 watts is only for underwater use
Protection class IP 68
Recomended instalation depth 200-600 mm below water level
Supplied with 3 meters silicon cable/chlorine water resistant cable
High silicon gasket, safety tempered glass and teflon lamp holder
Please order LED driver or Low Voltage transformer separetly
A safety transformer is required to operate swimming pool luminaires

78 mm o
Ø 89 mm

105 mm

117 mm
Ø 105 mm

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