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Assignment : Soil Nail Design

Carry out the soil nail design for the following slope. The analysis results and slope details are
shown in the tables below. In your design, you have to present the following details from your
1. Total numbers of soil nail required.
2. Horizontal and vertical spacing of your soil nails.
3. Number of layers of soil nails.
4. Vertical distance between soil nail heads and existing ground.
5. Length for each layer of soil nails and their bond lengths.
6. Grout hole diameter.
7. Diameter steel bar used.


55 deg

Information of the Slope:

Slope Angle from horizontal: 55o

Height of Slope: 8.5 m
Shear Strength Parameters: Φ’ = 35 degrees, c’ = 5kPa
Unit Weight: 19 kN/m3
Water table: well below slope toe
Information on Slip Surface
 Circular failure
 The circular failure slip goes through the slope toe

Analysis Details

Original F.O.S. of slope 1.1 From slope analysis

F.O.S. after upgrading works 1.4 From slope analysis

Horizontal Pressure applied to 35 kPa/m run (UDL) From slope analysis

achieve F.O.S = 1.4

Radius of circular failure plane 9m (vertically from From slope analysis

(it goes through the slope toe) slope toe)

Please note that it is entirely your design and there isn’t a universal / model design. For example,
the vertical spacing of soil nail layers can be different from the one of your classmates. The
physical configuration of your design may be different from others.

Tools like graph papers and compasses are required to accomplish the job.

 The assignment should be typed and not hand written.
 The assignment will be graded according to adequacy of the design (70%) and quality
of presentation (30%).