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ncumbents rule polls in southern MM

By ROBERTZON RAMTREZ and 6HtO ONc bent Vice Mayor Ricardo Cruz. ter of reelectionist Sen. Cynthia Also, incumbent Muntinlu- Rubiano won by lhndslide
Former senator and for- Villar, won as congl€sswoman pa Rep. Ruffu Biaz on received as mayor, garnering 121,391
rent officiale domlnated the midterm polls ln eign affairs secretary Alan for the city's lon6 district by 169,756 votes against for- votes. She will switch places
Melro Manila. Peter Cayetano won a's Tagu- 173,917 or 89.78 percent of the mer councilor Rafael Arciag4 with outgoing m.yo'r A.,-
ig Di strict 1 congressman total votes cast againsther op- Marifias' bet for congressmin, tonino Calixto, who won as
Reelectionist Malati City Mavor Monioue Lasdameo. while his wife,
erstwhi le ponent lerrv delos Reves. who got 36,317 votes.
Mayor Abby Binay _was prd- ab6 retained her poit as she Mayor Lani Cayetano,
' The motl-rer-and-diughter congreosman for the city's
plaimed winner with 17E,5ZZ won against outsdine Makati Arciaga has filed graft com- lone district in the House of
as representative ofDistrict 2, tandem and Villar all ran un- plairrts against Fresnedi before
tr.otes,.which is 80,869 higher City Riep. Monjour"del Ro- Representatives by a land-
In Las Piflas City, Mayor der the Nationalist People's the Office of the Ombudsman,
than the 9&653 votes foi her sario, Bittle Batalla, Roberto Imelda Aguilar setured slide.
'Biolena- her Coalition (NPC), headeh bv the latest in Marclu due to al- Two younger Ca lixtos
brother former mayor Junjun Lantin and Rodolfo second term as mayot gar- Senate President Vicente Sott"o leged overpricing of a parcel secured their spots in their
Binay, followed by business- Just like Binay, incumbent nering 770,972 vot€s -reelection
man Ricky Yabut with 23,721 Pateros Mayor liie ponce has perceit of the
or 87,8 m. ot land. for councilor: An-
votes. total'votes cast Meanwhile, reelection- Former yice mayor Artemio 'tonino's son Mark for the
also retain"ed his Dost with against her three other rivals: ist Muntinlupa Citv Mavor
Independent candidates 18,320 votes asainsf his oooo- Louie Casimiro, Benjamin Simundac rnade a comebaclg city's first district and Mark'
Rene Bondal garnered 3,565 nent mayoral Set ,,Doc,, Wiilie Gonzales Jaime Fresnedi, who ran irn- winning against incumbent cousin Joey Calixto-Isidro
and Conrado Mi- der the Liberal Party, will be Vice Mayor Celso Dioko, Mari- the second district-
rotes; Wilfredo Talag, 1,,541; Buenav6ntura with g,275. rand4 all independent.
rnd Love Alanzalon with patencs Vice Mavor Gerald serving as mayor for the third fias' running mate. In Parariaque City, reelec
Aguilar's daughter April and last time after gathering tionists Mayor Edwin (
1,101. German also won witt t4eOO won as vice mayor with 164,1,44 votes. He got over
He was recently implicated
in an alleged vote-buying in-
Binay was not present dur- votes against Cailo Santos, 161,789 votes and Vice Mavor Rico
or 86.32-Dercent 112,000 votes more than his cident last weekend. with the
ng her proclamation at the who onl-v eot 11.729 votes. of the total votes cast 'against
son of the late former
closest rival, former Bureau city prosecutor feferring the
lakati City coliseum yester- F m dirictor Lino Cavetano independent candidate Anto- of Immigration acting dep-
Security Adviser and the citv'
Iay moming. case for turther investigation. second district corrn."""-i,
was proclaimed maior in nio Abellar Jr. uty commissioner Marc Red
Binay's running mate, \iice Tagui! City along nrith incum-. Outgoing Pasay City con- Roilo Golez, won a secon
Nso. Camille Villa4, daugh- Mariflas. gresSwoman Imelda Calixto- term.
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